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Mary –

Victim Location 54481

Type of a scam Other

I contacted this breeder via email using their website contact icon regarding a Labrador Retriever puppy that I might be interested in. The price was very reasonable and they offered free shipping (I’ve never had a dog shipped before)…it seemed too good to be true. Typically, the average price of a labrador retriever in the state of Wisconsin is $800 and this pup was going for $599. I was a bit apprehensive as, nothing was listed on the site about the owners nor, was an address given. I looked up the area code for the phone number and found it to be located in Arkansas. They had quite a few puppies at 10 weeks of age in two different breeds. That’s not the usual scenario on a typical breeder’s page (usually 8 weeks and varied ages and times of the year are given). Otherwise, they were very detailed about giving information about the breed itself on their site. The puppies were adorable and their descriptions were personified by the dog, itself (cute). They had great testimonials, even from someone in the UK. It didn’t take long for them to reply. In fact, that same night I received an email indicating that the puppy was still available. They said she was progressing well in in her training, her personality was well rounded, and she was ready to go to her new home. It sounded like I might qualify for the free shipping too. They attached a copy of the contract and asked me to send them a little bit of information about our family so I did and attached a few pictures. There was no surname given in the email just a first name (as per website). However, I found a name given at the bottom of the attached contract. The next day I felt unsettled about the whole thing so I tried both phone numbers (email/website) but neither of them were available. One rang and rang and the other had a generic voicemail asking to leave a message. I did some further research on the Internet and couldn’t find the breeders listed anywhere in their state or elsewhere, the address given showed up as some type of complex/parking lot, and the person was not listed as living in the state either. Since then there has been no further contact.

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