Rivedil SRL International

Joseph – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 91941

Type of a scam Employment

This company contacted me from [email protected] saying they wanted to hire me as a construction consultant and that I would receive all training and make 3000 a month to be paid every 30 days. I thought it was a company I applied for thru indeed as I’ve been applying for a lot of jobs thru the website.

I tried looking up the company but the only rivedil company that comes up is a paint company based out of italy but the VAT number, 01122590753, I was given is shown to be authentic on the European commission website. So i decided to go along with it just to see what would happen. They claim they are just starting their US branch and don’t have a website but have reviews, which I could not find.

Now they have asked me to cash, deposit and send money to them from a "client". I’m supposed to personally do this thru money gram or western union, deposit to my personal account, keep my %of commission then send to them the rest. I told them I wasnt comfortable with having checks sent to my personal address and asked why dont they have an official bank account set up for this. Again I was given an excuse that they’re branching out in the US and it’s too hard and a lot of hoops to have clients send money internationally but apparently they decided to send the check for me to deposit anyway. I’ve been sent a tracking number for USPS for this check and I have not deposited the check. I’m going to try to return to sender if there is a return address listed for me to send to. Anyway beware of work from home scams, they’re preying on vulnerable desperate people looking for work.

Luckily they only have my name number and address but I wish they didn’t. They had me fill out an "application" thru google docs and then they sent me the "contract" they google docs stating the job was for one year and could be extended after that if the company chose to, along with a 2 month probationary period.

Carrie – Aug 06, 2020

They tried to scam me too except I was a real estate assistant and they wanted me to turn the money that was given to me by check into bitcoin crypto currency and send it to them.

Shaun – Jul 25, 2020

They so called just hired me for. Real estate assistant for 4,000 a month and told me that same thing and even sent me an employee certificate. Lol I googled and saw a paint company also. They really are reaching and how do they figure out banks are dumb enough to cash any of these checks that are more than likely fake. lol

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