Risk Free Merchant

Veronica –

Victim Location 98199

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This company has very deceptive pricing policies, claiming they will make a small loan to set up service and not making it clear they will expect an immediate $300 repayment for the "loan". As for the "service" they provide, they connect you to 3rd party processors such as eDebit Direct who do most of the work trying to set up the site for e-check processing, but in the case that it is not compatable with your website, they refer you back to Risk Free Merchant who provide no help whatsoever even after numerous requests. The Managing Member of Risk Free Merchant I spoke to, Todd Fins seemed to have very little recollection of past conversations, seemed confused about which services were previously discussed and was very erratic about returning calls. Never try to do business with these people!

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