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Devin –

Victim Location 91423

Total money lost $599.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

On about 11/25/15 when I run my computer suddenly stuck with a non stop noise and gave a message I have to call Microsoft. So I called. The person who picked-up call was saying "Microsoft technical support" so I believe it is Microsoft. He offered to get my computer going if I am willing to have a contact for i year $199.99. I said what if I do not want it. Your computer will be shut off. I just quit the job and need computer so badly in order I can send my resume. I got no choice and I paid. After that he did not fix until couple days . I checked back and fort with Microsoft and finally I e-mail him using the e-mail address in the receipt. Somebody finally fixed my computer and left a number to call if I have a problem. Occasionally I had a problem and call and he said because I do not have google chrome so I have to pay $99.99 for life time google chrome. So far so good until the end of the contract they made it slow I barely could not use my computer.On 10/13/2016 I called and someone told me because my contract finished. I thought after contract I still can use my computer but I was not thinking right. He offered to extend the contract I said "no" and he offered life time contract for $299.99 if I am not happy before 1 year I can cancel my contract. When I paid I realize the name of the company is changed and the person is changed also he gave a different number to call than the previous one. Every time I have a problem and I called for fixing it he always asked me to install this and that. I do not want it. If I have to install this and that you should tell me before a contract happened. He fixed it but jam again and on and on dragging money. I do not want it and I fed up I talked to the boss to cancel my contract and he promised next time I have problem he will fix the problem by himself. It is very annoyance but I kept saying "no" because this is 80 years old retiree with low income. Also I have a weakness did not have heart to get refund. They started make my computer stuck frequently and I did not know yet if I get stuck I can just press ctl-alt-delete until April 6,2018. The contract has been run for one and half year. I believe after 1 and a half year he could not drag money anymore he make my computer stuck with a message to call the number but when I called the number they gave a message" we are not schedule to receive the call" I tried all number which they ever give me. All of the does not work

By this time I am aware I got scam.

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