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Christopher –

Victim Location 71474

Type of a scam Employment

Good Morning, my name is Amanda! I have been advised to send my interview code, HRDR873, to you by Anabelle Allen!



I’m Mr. Campbell donald 51 years, I’m part of the Hr recruiting team of Rio Tinto Limited. Kindly indicate your full name,age and location.

Nice to meet you Mr Campbell. My name is Amanda R. Bourgeois. I am 43 years of age and am located in Louisiana.

Just follow the briefing and you can ask questions when i am through. Let me

know when you have finished reading and understanding every line. You will be allowed to ask questions later.With each line just respond

an Okay


The positions available are. Data Entry,Clerical Admin, Administrative Clerk/Assistance,medical Billing /Coding, Customer Service, Accounting, Payroll Clerk.

Which are you applying for ?

The initial post I read was for Data Entry although, I have experience in all of the above with the exception of Medical coding.

A Data Entry clerk enters information into computer databases for effective record keeping. Daily responsibilities include: Organizing files and collecting data to be entered into the computer.

Can you handle all this effectively?

Yes, I can.

We are going mainly into the interview now and I advise you should read any question I ask you. After due examination, you are required to send back your answer back to me over here. Be quick with your answers and also ask questions if necessary.

Once done with your answers simply write (DONE) Are you ready..?

Yes I am ready.

What is your philosophy towards work .?

My philosophy towards work is working as team with accuracy and proficiently. I am positive and live by integrity!


Do you occupy any position at the moment. ?

Not at this time. Done

How many hours will you be able to devote to the company daily?

I can devote 8 hours a day. Done

What phone carrier do you have contract with ?

I am currently with Sprint PCS. Done

Is it a postpaid or prepaid ?

Postpaid. Done

Do you have an idea of how to use ms excel and do you know your typing speed?

Absolutely and I type approximately 80 WPM. Done

What is your highest educational diploma?

I have an associates degree in accounting and I am working on my bachelors degree in Psychology.

Do you have any military experience?

No sir, I do not. Done

Do you have a Credit Card ?

No, I have a debit card. Done

What bank do you operate with?

Regions and Merchants and Farmers Banks. Done

Have you ever been interviewed online before by a different company?

Yes, I have. Done

Do you have a HP laserjet printer, copier and scanner?

I do not although I can certainly get one. Done

Do you have check printing experience ?

Yes I do. Done

In a grade of %100 how much can this company depend on you for your loyalty, diligence, hardwork, team spirit, and sincerity?

100% . Done

Rate yourself in a SCALE 1-5 in Mathematics and English?


Good…You seem like a perfect fit for the company and the position

Thank you! I am certainly interested in knowing more about it!

Hold on online while I forward your interview answers to the company’s board of directors for proper review and consideration…Do you have any questions before I forward our conversations to the company’s board of directors for proper review and consideration?

Not at this time. I am currently looking into the business online! I am sure I will have several questions moving forward. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Alright, I need you to standby your PC or Phone, I will get back to you with your interview result in a jiffy.

Standing By! Thank you kindly!

Hello, I am back now and your consideration stand is available now on my desk. Are you ready to know your stand?

Yes sir!

CONGRATULATION…… Your performance ensured you had a good score eligible for enrollment into our weekly routine training programme. You scored 8.5 out of a possible 10, This is to confirm that you have been approved to be a staff of Rio Tinto Limited, .having reached the requirements, passed the interview and recommended for the Job by the Board of Directors on employment. Also, they will put you through our company’s guidelines under US Human Resources Laws and Regulations.

Great, Thank You!

When does the training start and what are the requirements of the position?

In the meantime, I need you to provide me with the following requested info for verification purpose Name : Address : (PO Box not valid) City : State : Zipcode: Cell # : E-mail address: so that my secretary can put you on the register, Once done let me know.

Documentation has been completed. Your employee profile has been created and your login to the database established. You will be provided that during training.

When does training start and what is the starting salary?

The training starts when your tools are been delivered to you

The payment is $40 per hour and $16 half hour

Approximately how many hours per week?

5 hours per day

Wow! Sounds almost too good to be true! To confirm; will I be receiving the training materials in the mail?


The gmail info you provided is incorrect

Are you there ??

Yes I am here, I am sending an email to you from my gmail address now.


I have sent the email. Please confirm upon receipt.


The supervisor said he sent your offer letter to your outlook mail kindly check and let me know if you got it

Thank you. I have received it!


Go through it and let me know when you are done

I have read through the job description.

Okay shall we continue ?


You will earn $40 per hour and paid $19 per hour for training and you will receive your payment via check or direct deposit. You will receive your duties online everyday and i will always be online to assist you with any difficulties. You will undergo a one week paid training and the company will provide you with materials to setup a mini office in your house and your W2 form will be coming along with the working materials you need to start working with.

Understood! In the email it states that the hours will be from 8 am – 5 pm, in my time zone. Is this the same for training, from 9 am – 12 pm?


Just to inform you that the company will be providing you with all mini office equipment’s needed to begin work, training, and orientation with your supervisor, all equipment’s will be signed and customized with the company’s name and logo that would be used for the data compliment by the company certified local vendor..


Note: A Payment will be made to you for the purchase of the software materials you will be needing and the following office equipment are: * Hp laptop with a fast internet connection, Hp Notebook Pentium D Duo Processor 1800 mGHZ, 120 Gigg HDD, 2G Internal Memory. * All in One Printer, Scanner, Fax and Photocopier Machine. * BS 1 Accounting software * Microsoft Office and Microsoft Operating Systems ( Service Packs 2 ) * Peach Tree premium 2014 US Patent Single Users Pack * Mini-Office Stationary, and a time tracker software to enable you to calculate the amount of time you have worked per day… Also are you familiar with this softwares?

I am very familiar with all Microsoft office applications and operating systems, Peach Tree and the all in one printer/scanner/fax. I am also very quick to learn and strive for excellence!


Once the payment have been made available, i will provide you with the vendor details you are required to make the purchase of the materials from when needed…Also, you’re expected to report on your Hangout and check your email daily so that you don’t miss any instructions regarding the to instructions concerning the shipment and as soon as the Funds is available, you are to report immediately on Gmail hangout for further instructions… Is that clear. ?

Yes it is clear!

All we want is your trust and commitment to work and also your hard work

I can assure you that I will be an asset!

Very good

Some personal info would be needed for security reasons because of workers who run away with funds Once the funds is available in their bank account and it will also be needed for us to monitor the funds in your account once the payment has been made

Understandable !


Some tools will be carted from your postpaid and the company will pay the bills when carted

understood ??


This was the one we carted yesterday and the bills was paid by the company

Provide me with your sprint login to get started

Are you there ??

Yes sir, I am retrieving my login information.


Log in is




Are you there ??


A code will be sent to you let me have it asap when you get it

It has not come through yet. I will let you know as soon as I receive it.


I am not sure if being logged in prevented the code from being sent. Would you mind asking them to resend the code?



The payment officer is on it


The payment officer said he will cart the tools tomorrow



so you are to resume here online tomorrow by 9 a.m


Make sure you are here 9:00 AM sharp tomorrow, be the first to send me a good morning message

I absolutely will! It was a pleasure chatting with you and I am very excited for this new opportunity!

Have a wonderful week

You as well!

Once again You are welcome to Rio Tinto Limited

Thank you!

Sun, 8:10 AM

Good morning

Good morning!

How are you

I’m well! How about yourself?


I was expecting you to text me when it’s 9

Where are you located?

It’s act actually 8:22 AM I’m in CST

In Florida it’s 9:22

Some phones will be delivered to you it’s from At&t they ask us to upgrade the software’s


When you get them you will have them sent to the upgrading agents I will provide you with his address

And also your mini office will be setup this week

Great! Thank you!

1 min

Send a message

From: Rio Tinto limited

Sent: Sunday, January 5, 2020 7:06 AM


Subject: Job description

Welcome to Rio Tinto Limited

Rio Tinto Limited is the Australian arm of the Anglo-Australian multinational metals and mining corporation that is also listed in the London Stock Exchange and a top constituent of the FTSE index. Founded in 1873, Rio Tinto has evolved to become a leader in the extraction of minerals, especially aluminium, iron ore, copper, uranium and diamonds, and developed operations in refining, particularly for bauxite and iron ore. With a global presence, Rio Tinto is primarily operating in Australia and Canada.

Our long history is filled with firsts. We have developed some of the world’s largest and best quality mines and operations, and our people work in around 35 countries across six continents. We’ve led the industry in partnerships, with customers in new markets, and with local communities. And we’ve paved the way in areas such as safety, tax transparency and legacy management.


At Rio Tinto, The way we work outlines how we deliver both our purpose and strategy. It makes clear how we should behave, in accordance with our values of safety, teamwork, respect, integrity and excellence.

Importantly, it provides clear boundaries that we should hold ourselves and each other accountable for, to help make the right choices.

It applies to each employee as well as to our consultants, agents, contractors and suppliers. We also want these principles to be respected by our joint venture partners and non-controlled companies.

To know more about the company kindly visit


You will be enlisted for 2 weeks training programme. Find Training programme details below:

*You will have to be online from 9 am to 12 pm daily for training programmes as you will be given a series of tasks during training.

*You will resume work fully after training and your working hours will be 8 am – 5 pm your time zone.

*Whether or not you have an assignment or task to carry out you will be paid for $40/hr and for 8hrs a day as long as you are online during the stated hours.

*You have to keep a strict record of time and activities. A time sheet should be sent in every Friday’s days for monitoring (In your own format).

*In carrying out any assignment or task a progress report has to be emailed every Friday to me.

* You will be paid weekly.

*The training would be administered online, this is an Internet-based position, and the base pay is $40 per hour after training and $19 per hour During training.

*Either party is free to terminate at any time with notice.

*Benefits include: 401k, health, and dental, paid vacation and 2 weeks sick leave you will be enrolled for this benefits

after 90 days after which you would become a regular employee of the company.

*Working hours are flexible, all activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in an excel spreadsheet. As for your duties, I will assist you with any difficulties by email.

Employment Supervisor.

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