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Alisha –

Victim Location 21211

Total money lost $479.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was on the computer one day and there was a pop up that said Microsoft windows would be shutting down due to not having firewalls, call the tel number listed or be reported to the EPA. I called the number and was told they could fix my computer and remove the viruses for $479.99. I made the payment using a debit card. The issues The next day I noticed the pop up was still on there. I phoned the business and told them I paid all this money and there is still something wrong. The rep told me to call back in the morning because he was only customer service, call back in the morning which doesn’t make since because it was the number. When I called back at 10, the number was disconnected. I googled a Microsoft and found an 800 #. The 2nd rep seemed legit, he advised that I never phone a number from a pop up.

I was able to change my debit card info. The "Microsoft rep" also advised that Microsoft will never call you. The next day I got a call back from the same number – so I now believe that the 2nd rep was a Microsoft scammer as well.

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