Darryl –

Victim Location 60148

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I just spent my whole day righting this report and It has froze!! I will not retype all that happened in detail again but I have to say I was approached by an online company giving out various benefits about a job called rigaku, where you can work from home to sell items needed around the globe, everything was done online through a hire manger and she sent me a start up check for the supplies I must have. she set me up with a vendor to buy the supplies from and gave me dates that the shipment would be out but never confirmed any payments with me and said she would when all supplies were delivered and training began. After multiple payments I was asked to send to vendors and gathering my information for the company I was ready to receive the supplies to begin working. However overtime I did not receive my products or confirmation and I was sending funds to the vendor that she was keeping record of. After a about of week of me sending funds for the products and the hire manager stalling to send me confirmation about the payments and supplies. I woke up the next morning to my account over drafted for the full amount she sent me for the startup check I deposited the week prior. I immediately questioned her about the check being fraud and the block on my account. she stated to stop messaging me and still made excuses that thing would be fixed. I have reported to my bank and the police that I have been a victim of fraudulent check and that it has bounced and left my account in the negative for the full amount. I have tried to contact the resources I have sent money through to report this also and they have not been able to answer the phone for the lines are busy daily and my bank cannot help me for they say I now owe them money for the funds. I have been injured and out of work for about a month and don’t have the money to cover this or cannot let this effect my account and future credit. They have taken advantage of my account with a fake check that the banking system has not picked up till a week later and now my account is completely blown form this. I cannot pay and feel I do not owe this for it has been a fake company and they should have full responsibility for the action they have taken on me. I am still out of work and now need all the help I can to restore my account from this false activity. I plan that this is overlooked in my case and that this will not be a success on there part for doing what they have planned through a false business company with a fraudulent check. I should be granted to not be held responsible for paying the bank back something they should have know at an earlier date not only that but I cannot be out of work looking for work and now in even more debt and now being jeopardized by these false accusations on there end.

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