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Jonathan – Jun 27, 2020

Just came across your statements on this site, I replied to an advert for a Ford Mustang, like you to this Stephen Morris who advertised the car, said he was working on a Seadrill rig and had his contract extended by two years. Low & behold the Shipping company is Bolero Shipping Enterprises Ltd, I wired the funds from the bank to their account in New York to the sum of £8500, deep down I had a feeling something wasn’t right. I haven’t had contact with Bolaro after the funds were sent & today my fears were realised the Bolaro web site had dissappeared I also payed a company in the UK to ship the car from South Carolina. I will have to talk to them on Monday but I won’t hold my breath. I have all the e-mails and all the contract supplements and the rest which will be sent to the bank, I had already contacted them about the transaction as I was suspicious and will let them do the investigation. To top that I had mentioned I am disabled and just wanted to get in and drive, so they must be seriously low in moral standing.
Meanwhile it will be my winter project just to find out who these people really are.
The rest of the story is almost identical to you’re experiences.
The bank is supposedly Transferwise 19 W 24th St, 10010 in the name of Efxx Ivaxxx who doesn’t seem to exist and the person who was in contact with me from Bolaro is called Thea Carlson. Unlike the person in the first complaint I didn’t get a notice of payment that’s what made me wonder in the first place, it all seemed above board with shipping contract etc. I also checked this Stephen Morris’s address in Tacoma it doesn’t exist nor is he on the phone register.

Darrell – Jul 04, 2020

I’m “Loosing Faith”, and was also one of the scammed. I truly am sorry about your situation, and just want to provide you with some information that may be of use. I was able to bring up, “Bolaro-Enterprises Shipping Ltd”, website this morning. It did act strange, at first I was unable to log-in, nor would it accept my shipping number. Switching to a TOR (dark web) browser, I was able to log into the Bolaro site, and note no new information, passed their May 11 status updateTh on the shipping, “which indicates accident/delayed”. For a while, about two weeks after the so-called accident, Thea Carlson would respond when I submitted “trouble tickets” from their website, though direct emails would go unanswered. My so purchase was supposedly totaled in the May 11 accident, and their emails stated they were processing a refund. It has yet to show up (it’s now July 4). Around the beginning of June, the exact same vehicle I had “purchased”, began showing up on web sites, for $15,000 and $15,000, (I paid $6,500 which was wire transferred to HSBC Bank, in Birmingham, UK, in U.S. dollars). I contacted HSBC bank in the UK, and was told my financial institution had to work with them for a refund. My bank was told that HSBC Informed them they would not be refunding the money.
You should go to “ic3.gov” web site and complete a complaint, it is the US government Internet Crime Complaint Center and is run by the FBI. It is recommended to report to your states fraud department and local law enforcement, (both are mostly a waste of time if you live In California – “there is no proof It is a California based crime“ – though, a police report may be useful for claimI got the loss on your income taxes).
Lastly, a Special Agent with an Internet Fraud Taskforce did contact me for information on the case.
So, there is little hope to actually receive that gorgeous Mustang, though things may eventually sort out and justice be served.

Happy 4th !

Nancy – May 01, 2020

Victim Location 55449

Total money lost $14,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for Ford E250 Quiqley 4×4 Sportsmobile … on website: https://yupyi.com/details.php?id=1824 … I entered my contact info … then received email from Stephen Terry Morris on March 27th, 2020


You inquired about my motorhome and I hope you are still interested. This beauty is in great condition and extremely clean. It has been recently serviced and it’s being sold as described, no mechanical or electrical issues, never abused, non smoker, runs and drives perfect. You can buy it for the price of $14,600. I work overseas for Seadrill on an oil rig and my contract ends in June. Then I have another 2 years agreement starting from July, so the motorhome is no more useful to me.

The location of the motorhome is Seattle, WA, ready to go. I have arranged for the sale of the vehicle before leaving the states so if you want to find out more details about how we can close up this deal, do not hesitate to contact me and I will respond at my earliest convenience.

Thank you,


I then offered him $14,000 … and I got another email from him on March 30th:

Hi ***** **,

Since I’m quite busy with my job and unable to travel back to the States, I have decided to hire a company to ship the motorhome and take care of the sale for me. The shipping & payment part of the transaction will be handled by Ridgemount Shipping Ltd. The motorhome is now located in their transit warehouse from Seattle, WA because I had a buyer from there but he canceled the deal because a family member passed away. They have in their custody both the motorhome and the title signed for release, which had been verified by their inspectors and they already gave the go ahead to begin the transaction. The motorhome comes with a large collection of history files, manuals and receipts.

Regarding the payment, there is a 3 days inspection period available for you once you will receive the vehicle in which you have the possibility to do an inspection to any authorized service of your choice before the company will release any money to me. If you will decide not to keep it for any reason the vehicle will be sent back to me (free of charge for you) and you will get a full refund no questions asked. So basically I only receive the money if you are happy about what you are buying.

Please read their how it works pngage on http://ridgemount-uk.com/how_it_works.php and decide if you agree or not.

To be able to start this transaction you need to register on the shipping company’s website. Once you are done, I will approve the deal from my account and Ridgemount will contact you in order to go ahead with the purchase.

P.S. You should know that the vehicle will be shipped anywhere within the States at my expense !

In regards to a mobile phone number, this area where I am now does not have cellular phone service! I have a cell phone but only use it for emergencies when traveling outside of this area. Providing you my cell number is not a viable option for contacting me.

Looking forward to successfully completing this transaction.


For a faster response you can use my work email [email protected]

Then I went to my bank: TCF to wire the $14,000

My bank used Well Fargo to send the $ to UK

On April 20th I received an email from Ridgemount Shipping Limited (Sara Anderson)

Dear ***** **,

Our bank confirmed your payment today, 20 April 2020. We have scheduled for the transport to start Tuesday at 8am (PDT), 21 April 2020. Estimated time of arrival: 27 April 2020. Please check your tracking to see the status of your transaction.

We apologize for the delay and the inconvenience caused

Warm regards,

Sara Andersen

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Thank you for using our services.


Ridgemount Team

[email protected]


Ridgemount Shipping Ltd

Company number: 02591221

Today is April 30th and I still have not receive the van or update about shipping.

You can view images on the website in the report.

Bradley – May 24, 2020

I had virtually the same experience, except the shipping company had a different name, Bolaro Shipping Enterprises. Around April 23, 2020, I contacted, Stephen Morris regarding an ad for a 1989 Toyota 4Runner, listed on Oodle.com, but linked ,you to Yupyi.com. Stephen Morris, does reply, works for Seadrill on an Oil rig and had contracts that overlapped so he would not be returning to US and wanted to sell the car. Ends up he sold it earlier, the deal fell through due to a death in the family and Vehicle was moved from Modesto, CA, where advertised, to Seattle, in a Bolaro warehouse. I did wire transfer the funds to HSBC bank in Birmingham, UK. The vehicle did appear, (with Bolaro website tracking) to be shipped. After a week, I emailed for status and was told the transport vehicle had been involved in serious accident in Sloan, Nevada. I checked accident reports, etc, and there had been a multi car accident and fatality that matched , but no mention of anything but passenger cars and trucks in accident. I emailed several days later as the tracking info had not changed from delay in Sloan, NV. They claimed a specialist was dispatched to check on the situation. Still no updates from them, so I emailed again and was told that specialists determined the 4Runner was totaled, so they would refund my money in 1-2 days. That was 5 days ago and the mo yes has not been returned and no reply to my last email. I later discovered that the web domain had only been register in early April 2020 . I have emailed HSBC Bank but have yet to have a reply.

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