Rideau Florists Ottawa

Keith –

Total money lost $170

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Although this company goes under the name Rideau Florists they are actually Canaflora which when checked out have a terrible reputation. If I would have known they were Canaflora I would not have ordered flowers from them for Valentines Day –

Each Valentine’s day since 1984 I have bought Premium Long Stem Roses for my wife for Valentines day. Florist shops are disappearing as online ordering takes over. I used to purchase from Florist Shops but they no longer exist in my location for one reason or the other, but having said that, I do know what a premium long stem red rose should look like and how long they should last, often 10 days from receipt from the Florist..

When I went online to buy flowers I kept ending up on online sites charging in US Dollars, never a location address to be found on their websites easily. Finally I found Rideau Florists Ottawa and a google ad showing an Ottawa location on yelp I ordered a dozen premium long stem roses to be delivered after 5 pm on February 13, 2020 and paid an additional $7.00 plus HST extra for this delivery service. No flowers were delivered February 13, after 5 PM. I phoned a 613 telephone number the next day and it picked only to have loud music blast in my ear. Eventually someone answered but never answered saying Rideau Florists how can I help you it was just an abrupt and loud “hello”.

When I mentioned the flowers were not delivered when they should have been they said it was to be delivered on the 14th not the 13th. I asked that I be refunded the extra delivery charge paid and they did accommodate that request.

Feb 14th at about 19:30 hrs flowers arrived and the delivery driver took off like a bat out of hell after they were given to me and for good reason, definitely not premium long stems.

On the 15th I sent them an email and they claimed the long stem roses were delivered. I emailed them and low and behold their name was Canaflora not Rideau Florists Ottawa. They said I received premium long stem at 60 cm in length. I measured the longest rose sent and it was 37 cm in length. I paid $170.00 for roses that look like they came from a flower seller on the street corner. Within one day the roses started to wilt in the vase and for good reason – they were not protected in a box, they were already in a vase having no water tubes on the end of each rose and plant food packets were not included with the order.

When we discovered they were Canaflora we searched online for reviews and discovered then that they often do not give good and reliable service and as a result have a poor reputation indeed in my recent experience being covered up by falsely advertising under a different business name. This type of business practice and misleading advertising is wrong and consumer’s need protection from this.

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