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Victim Location 08205

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received call on my home phone and cell phone, I don’t usually answer if the number is unknown to me, I had a voice mail left on my phone telling me to call them regarding a serious matter, and that if I did not contact them voluntary and that if they had to track me down that there would be no chance of a settlement. So I called and spoke to a rep named Madison (no last name given) who stated that I took out a payday loan in 2011 with Highland Payday Loans for $460 and that I never paid it back and that now I owe $1140 or would settle for $940. I continued to question because I know I never took out this loan, i asked her where this loan was deposited, she gave me the last 4 digits of a banking account number in which were not mine nor did i ever have those numbers on an account. she told me that there were criminal charges if I did not make good on the balance one of the charges being fraudulent bank information for the purpose of a loan and second failure to make good on loan. I asked where the money was if they had the wrong account number and was told that the company mailed cash to my house. I thought it was odd that cash was mailed period I told her i never received the money. I asked for more information and the managers name then Madison hung up on me. so I called back and spoke to Rebecca Shaw who was the manager. I went over everything again with her and she told me that I could either pay the $1140 and that she would go back to the client to see if they were willing to accept payment arrangements, or pay the $940 in 2 installments, or a 1 time payment of $460. I continue to fight the issue of never recieving the money and that I was not going to pay for something I did not receive and then he told me f I did not agree to any of the options that she would go back to client and tell them to proceed with criminal charges. she said you gonna spend $3000 in court fees if you don’t pay so I reluctant paid the $460 because I was afraid of what charges were going to be brought up. When I was talking to Madison in the beginning although she did not have the right account info she did read off all of my personal info, name, social security number, that I am disabled, phone number, address, email and my father who she stated was a contact.

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