Richard Williams-GE Capital Bank or GE Capital Financial Services

Edwin –

Victim Location 95899

Total money lost $115

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a call from a Richard Williams claiming to be from a GE Capital Bank or GE Capital Financial Services from the number (315)675-4143 or (482)458-9112. He said i was pre-qualified for a loan since other banks turned me down. So i let him tell me how it worked that to receive the loan was simple he asked the amount, how long would like to pay it back and we figured out the amount. After we did he asked me to send the amount we figured would be the first months payment of $115 as a sign of good faith that i would pay back the loan. To go get a Green Dot prepaid visa card with that amount but to not activate it,so i gave it a try. I got the card with the amount i called them back and told him what next he said give him the card info so i did then he said hold on 5 to 10 minutes to process the loan and i would receive my funds but after a few minutes he hung up. So i called back then he said my loan was 98% complete and he would transfer me to his supervisor. His so called supervisor said i need to go get another prepaid card with $107 and not to activate it and give him the info it was for money transfer fees. I stopped right there as things got funny i said why don’t they use the money i already sent them or take out that from the loan amount he said that was not possible that that was a loan processing fee i said i was told no money was going to be charged to me and that i was going to be able to get that money back, but he was very persistant on having me go get another card so i hung and tried to activate my green dot card myself i was not able to so i called the card company they said that card had been activated already in someone else’s name i then called he man back to ask why the card had been activated he said yes i activated it in your name Mr. ***. I told him no you activated it in someone else’s name I asked to give me mu money back cause i turn down the loan he said no cause it was 98% complete and i said he told i was not going to have to pay one cent for the loan. So i hung up and contacted my local authorities and the Local and was advised not to send anything cause it sounded like a scam and i filed a report with the card company who are investigating this problem and working to return my money i reported the card stolen. I hope and ask that you consider looking into this so no others get scammed they claim to be accredited.

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