Richard Dram

Dale – May 27, 2020

Victim Location 96766

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Identity Theft

It started out with Diane E. Small from Lansing, Michigan. We met through Facebook.

She gave me Richard Dram’s email to send him $500.00 to pay for a consignment box she believed to have 10.8 million dollars. She has been giving him money since April 2019.

Diane would keep sending Richard money to pay the general manager in customs at the airport and also to security. This is what he made up. That Mr. Joe and Rose were helping her to get her unclaimed funds from Richard.

He also told a story that he had a wife who passed away, and he adopted a baby girl named Jenifer, who was in an orphanage. He said that he needed to go home and he wanted full payment from Diane. She paid him $500.00. That money got lost. He asked her for $500.00 more so he could deliver $10.8 million to her house. He never showed.

When Richard asked for $500.00 more, he asked for a $500.00 eBay gift card. Diane wasn’t feeling well, and asked me to purchase it for her and send him the information.

The hackers got my information through Diane (I am on her contact list), and they got into my cellphone, my WiFi account, and they are still trying to get into my email account.

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