Rich Janitor- Finances And Investments

Hillary –

Victim Location 95006

Type of a scam Investment

Convince you that if you turn over funds to them that they will make you money with those funds. They will even teach you how. And they will provide you with insider information so that you can’t lose.

Here’s what happened to me. I invested $536 and another $47 for something else. It was the last of my funds period. I was told that they were just swamped with calls and it would take them a little longer than usual to get back to everyone and that to follow what was online in the meantime and that they would also be calling to interview to decide if I would qualify to be in the program.

Weeks go by. Phones calls to me twice I was put through questions and twice was told I qualified. Then I was told I needed to come up with more money or money and what amount could I come up with.

So I would like all of my money back

And I don’t care if he feels I don’t have what it takes to make it.

It was all someone taking my money and using it for who knows what so they could ask me for more knowing I am living on social security disability and looking for a way to improve my life. The guy James said he was new said he didn’t even know which company he was with. There were just so many things like first they were calling me from Washington then calling me from Las Vegas.

Just how do they talk to people and ask them what their dreams are and what they want out of life knowing they are currently poor and take their money? No heart?

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