Rewards Center, America Savings

Hector –

Victim Location 95621

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I was calling CapitalOne and dialed one number off (dialed 800 instead of the correct # 804-934-2001). They identified themselves as CapitalOne and said I was eligible for rewards. Of course they took all my personal information along with credit card number verification and last 4 digits of my social. Then hung up on me in the middle of the call. I called back 20 times (spoke to (fake names I’m sure) Devonta, Whitney, Brian, Mike, Tim, Daniel, Jason, Monica, Robert (who was the "supervisor"…) I could tell it was the same guy using different names each time I called. I asked for more and more information every time I called (and will continue to do so). Everytime I told them I was recording the call, sometime getting hung up on (not surprised). Tim even told me that there calls were being recorded by you the at which point I said great, I would confirm with you directly… Hung up on again.

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