Christy –

Victim Location 28906

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

OFFERED A SAMPLE OF PRODUCT FOR THE COST OF SHIPPING ONLY. ASKED THE SALESMAN TO SHIP THE SAMPLE "only"!! I was charged for the product in full on Sept 13, $82.95. Sent another shipment on Oct 11 for $89.90 did not receive and was cancelled at my bank on Oct 12. As I have children I visit during the summer months, I told the salesman to be sure not the ship ANYTHING until I notified them. I called the company today and they told me that it’s too late to get a refund for the $82.95. WHAT???? Who requires a shipping fee of $82.95? (for a sample!! that weighed less than 4 ounces) I would remind online shoppers to be very careful about business’s you do ordering with. Apparently, they scam the elderly (as myself) with there scripted monologue. I have never done this before, but as a 76 year old women living on a limited income, I find this to be extortion in capital letters!!

Jorge –

Victim Location 41535

Total money lost $13.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received a package in the mail.I opened the package and it had two small amounts of cream in two bottles.The first said it was revyve skin.The second was ageless eye cream.I didn’t think much about it untill i looked at my bank acc.I was charged 6.95 for each bottle.I called my bank and they gave me the phone number assoiated with the charges.I called them and they said the 13.90 was shipping coast and they could not return that,but they would cancel my order which would have been about 90.00.I don’t know where they got my address and my debit card information,because i did not order anything.When i asked where they got my info,they said i ordered it online.I asked them the website i ordered it from,they gave me tried to pull that website up but mozilla said the sight was configured wrong and wouldn’t pull it up.I don’t know how i could have ordered anything if my browser won’t let me on the website.

Jeffery –

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

February14, 2018 I noticed an advertisement for "free eye cream, only postage necessary", per Revyve Ageless Skin Cream Company. The eye cream supposed to be excellent since it was a part of Shark Tank Company. I initiated the offer for the free sample of eye cream, but I was surprised to see face cream also in the package. I did not request free sample of facial cream. I paid the postage for $6.50. Big mistake using my US Credit Checking Card. Revyve Company continues to withdraw money almost daily until my account went into overdraft. I was notified by my bank. My bank tried to make a three way call to clarify the transaction, but was unsuccessful. I spoke with one of the customer representatives. I was very upset about the transaction. I was told that only half of my money will be refunded. I was even more upset to hear about only half of my money will be refunded. I was then told that I will get back full refund. I am still waiting for my refund.

The situation about this company are:

1. Giving free sample to get people’s credit cards information

2. Once they retrieved the credit card information, they continue to use it uncontrollable

3. No skin care product send to the person (s), except the free sample

4. People having problem retrieving their full amount of money (I noticed reviews online)

MY Questions:

1. What legal matter can be done to this company?

2. Who will protect people’s right & money?

3. How to get this scamming behavior out to the public?

I hope there is no more victim (s)

Thank You

Tammy –

Victim Location 66215

Total money lost $96.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an advertisement for this product on Facebook. They offered a free sample for $1.95 in shipping. However, they ended up charging me $6.95. When I contacted customer support by email, their response suggested that they did not understand my concern. However, when I tried to clarify by return email, I got a message that my "ticket" had been "closed." I did receive the sample product. A few weeks later, the company charged my credit card $89.95. Apparently, I had subscribed to this company by requesting the free sample. This was not communicated in the Facebook ad. I canceled the subscription and got a confirmation email. However, when I tried to contact customer support to request a refund, they again acted as though they did not understand my request. And again, when I tried to clarify, got a message that the "ticket" had been "closed." I have gone through my credit card company to dispute the charges.

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