Patricia –

Total money lost $384.82

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Mar 2, 2017

When I access RBC web site, I had pop up web site said ‘RBC survey’ and you will get free sample of derma product when I finished the survey.

So I access it.

I finished the survery and crick the rink to have a free sample,

They asked me to pay shipping fee and another good deal to buy a procuct and I paid it.

Mar 6 2017 I received the procuct without any documents or policy. I was happy to receive a free deal.

Mar 18 2017

But when I found my visa statement I was supprised that this company charged on my card with two different company name and two differenct chaged

1. ELLEDERMA $179.95

2. VIVILUXE $189.98

I called the company to find out what is going on of this charging.

They said the product was trial it wasn’t free sample. When I open it I only can have 50% return my money. And I have to pay for returning shipping with transaction or signiture.

I asked them it is different then what I know it.

They said they cannot money back.

I said I will dispute this issues and send me return address of product by email.

They send me their address with cancellation of auto renewal account.

Without my consent they opened auto renew account with my name.

It i total scamming and phising marketing activity.

I called RBC and disbut of my credit card charging by this company. I found out RBC had never done a survey.

This product and issues started with RBC wed site.

They have a no ldea, their customer had this pop up RBC survey.

I act a dispute this issues with my RBC visa.

I am reporting this scamming and phishing marketing company.

This company has to shut down by their illegal marketing action and acamming customer to pay high amount of product.

And I need to get my money back ..

Amanda –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A pop up ad comes up when on the shopping on Best Buy site. The pop up says you are entitled to 3 free gifts and only pay the S&H. When you select the gift you are taken to Revoluxe site and keeps offering other items free and you cant get out of it with out selecting. The items are not good. I have tried to cancel 2 times now and they keep emailing me back with return the goods, pay up, trial period (which it wasn’t). Tried calling but no one answers only put on music hold. Very hard to cancel. This is a scam to trick you into paying every month ($300) for products you do want and cant cancel.

Chelsea –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Fell for the $6.95 freebie for skin care product. I was to pay shipping — then see my credit card was charged by some company that did not appear on the add. The charge $189.98 us I returned the product immediatley, but I still am being charged . Also this site has the autoship for product most people don’t know that they are signing up for. It means every two to three weeks your card is automatically charged and they are supposed to send you their product. There are a lot of companies that are scamming or tricking consumers with their so called skin care products.

Wendy –

Total money lost $629.78

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Company offered a trial of product for cost of shipping and handling only.

Company provided no communication of additional money owing. They used the credit card information used for shipping/handling on trial product and charged $629.78 to my account.

Natasha –

Total money lost $370

Type of a scam Online Purchase

under the guise of The Bay link I followed to their site. Free samples of face lotions. Pay for shipping only.

the automatically sent full size ( I didn’t know that) . I got charged 190.00 & 180.00 on Visa used to pay shipping. I have no recourse and they lied about free samples. I called and emailed and they have removed me from autoshipping the product. They prey and lie because of ‘the fine print’ . It should be prominant on their website what we are agreeing to. The fact they used The Bay in their link advertising should be investigated. It’s the only reason I trusted this. I have noticed they’ve used other businesses as well in adverts

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