Natalie –

Total money lost $368

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went online to pay bills and on the TD website a request to complete a survey popped up. I do not remember if they mentioned a free gift on the onset but after completing the survey, I was asked to choose a gift. There was not a lot to choose from so I took an eye cream and was asked to pay only shipping & handling. A week later, I received a package and saw that there were 3 items and I thought they were all free gifts from TD. The packing slip did not contain any return address or what was on the box and no amounts (shipping/handling fee, value of the products). I put them aside and did not think about it until I checked my credit card 2 weeks later and saw I was charged $179 and $189 for the items. I called my credit card company to get them reversed since I did not authorize it but all they can do is give me a number to call. I was able to talk to a customer rep who advised that I missed the 2 weeks "free trial" and unable to refund my money. They may be able to refund if I sent them back the products in original packaging/unopened & unused. I spent another $20 to ship with tracking number. They informed me via email that they are unable to refund in full since they were not in original packaging (which is untrue). They said that as a gesture of goodwill, they will refund me $180 on the condition that I do not report the incident to police and I will no longer ask for more money back! So now I am out $200 with nothing to show for it! I am willing to lose all the money I paid in the hopes that this business gets shut down and all individuals are arrested and either fined or jailed so they can no longer scam other people.

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