Revoluxe & Retinolla

Christina –

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was exiting mytelus account & a survey with free gift popped up. I have received free gifts from Telus in the passed. Surely was with regards to mobile phone usage. Finished & was told free gift 2 products – one from RETINOLLA the other from REVOLUXE, skin care products. Free trial – credit card required for shipping & handling. Signed up. Within 5 hours I’d reviewed both sites & realized I’d been taken in & was in fact committing to hundreds of dollars of product billed automatically starting 14 days upon arrival of product. I contacted both companies via their contact us process within 5 hours of signing up telling them to cancel & refund shipping to my credit card. Followed up with 2nd contact us form within 24 hours of order. No response. I telephoned & spoke with a ‘customer service specialist’ who advised package shipped 8pm EST 05/05/17 3 hours after my order.

Advised I would be returning – unopened & was advised I must send proof of return in order to cancel my account.

Received emailing at 3 am this morning saying product shipped. Tracking number for package indicates package has not reached them – only has a packing slip written by company…..

This order could easily have been cancelled – they are hoping that I don’t get the package back to them so they can charge me more!! They are messing with the wrong person!!!

Candice –

Total money lost $198

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hello. I recently took a survey for As a reward they brought up a screen of FREE GIFTS.

I chose this skin cream.

A few weeks later, after giving my card for a postal fee, and receiving the product, they had dinged my visa for $198. They claim I had fair warning…that this was a trial, not a free product. I do not remember that screen. There was no clearly stated information about returning it within 14 days if I did not like it. The product burns my eyes and I would not have kept it if I knew it wasn’t free.

Here is the website – at the bottom it has the terms in tiny faint print.

Alexis –

Total money lost $179.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an ad on Facebook for Revoluxe & Retinolla, skin care products. It stated that these were "samples" and all I had to do was pay for shipping. NOWHERE did it state that they would be charging my credit card $368

contacted this company by email and by phone, but they – ABSOLUTELY REFUSED! – to give me a refund!!

– I contacted my credit card company – immediately! My credit card company have now started legal action against this company and I have been told I will get my money back. I

Rosa –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website does a good job of describing this type of scam. Their term is a continuity scam and our experience with this company fits their description exactly. I just want to bring to everyone’s attention that the reason we did not lose any money was because our credit card–Scotia bank VISA–sends us text/email notifications whenever a charge is made. Since this company now only gives you a two week period to cancel, this feature permits you to take action before they can charge you the full amount. Waiting for your bill on the 30 day payment cycle is really no longer acceptable.

And since the credit card companies will not do anything for you–you have ‘signed’ the contract, the only real option is to cancel your card immediately, which of course, can cause a lot of extra work notifying all those institutions that are paid through your current credit card.

In summary, we ‘saved’ almost $400 because we had this free service—and it worked.

Carl –

Total money lost $180

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They offer a free trial of skin care products when a customer needs to pay only for shipping and handling. After a while they charge a full price on the customer’s credit card although the customer didn’t authorize them to do that. It’s impossible to contact them to discuss the matter. They don’t pick up the phone and don’t reply to emails.

Kelly –

Total money lost $626

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Online Scam using Facebook as an advertising channel about a special promotion of creams (Special Offer $5.99 dollars for each creams). Once transaction completed. It offers a rush promotion for additional cream for $5.99 again. Through this page, on Facebook, no fine print appeared about auto-refill method or trial due dates . Company then billed Visa card for those amount + shipping (2016-End of Aug.) Received packaging with all products.Once again, new charges of $179 & $189 + Shipping were automatically done (2016-Sept.) on Visa card. More charges of $129 &$129 (2016-Oct.) for products which did not arrived until Nov. 7, 2016 (Company refused to provide invoices). By this time, noticed charges called them many times, email every single support website to stop this charges and cancel all account link to them. As of today, Nov. 9, 2016. Have emailed back and forth with a Customer Service Rep. called Helen, Denis & James. Pointed out to their web site, where you can see CLEARLY the fine print. Not same as the one used on Facebook. Have returned the last Unopened Package. Provided them with tracking # and photos of package. Totally a scammers! Please, do something about it. As many Canadians are falling for the same scam. I’ve read similar cases of people across Canada who had had the same problem with them. Yet, no one seems to be able find a solution to stop for this occurring again.

Keith –

Total money lost $189

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I filled in an online Shaw cable survey. A link came up stating I qualified for free trial sizes of Retinolla just pay for the shipping/handling. I provided my credit card details. Terms/conditions did not state autofill or try these trial sizes for 14 days and if unsatisfied send back to company for a full refund. It states a complimentary trial sized product. it did not state id be a member or have a login etc. It also did not state there was a expiry trial date Oct 14-Nov 4, 2016 and id be charged the full amount. I looked at my credit card statement on Nov 7. There were two separate transactions charged to my VISA one was in the amount of 179.95 and the second charge was from in the amount of 189.98. I immediatly contacted Retinolla. The customer services agent stated because I agreed to the terms/conditions and the trial date expired I was charged these amounts for the product. I didn’t agree to this. The agent then stated id need to send back the unused unopened product for a refund. The trial sizes sent weren’t regular sized they were only trial sizes. I don’t understand why id be charged exuberant amounts for trial sizes of product. I took my name of the autoship list and asked them not to send me any more products. I cancelled my credit card and filed a fraud claim with the bank visa department. They sent me an email yesterday stating this: Please note that we have refunded CAD 179.95 in full.

Please allow up to 3-5 business days for the money to clear on your statement.

Your account with us is now canceled.

Kind Regards,


Customer Satisfaction Specialist


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