Revoluxe and Retinolla

Jamie –

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

After using my on-line banking a pop up screen invited me to complete a survey about the bank. After completing the survey another pop up screen invited me to choose a FREE GIFT. After choosing the FREE GIFT, I was asked for my credit card # to cover shipping costs. When the FREE GIFT arrived, there was nothing about being a limited time TRIAL but a month later my credit card was charged $369.93. When I called my credit card they informed me that two additional charges from the same company had just been posted and that I would be charged these amounts every month until I returned all of the products to the company. After considerable discussion about the circumstances, my credit card company agreed to cancel my card and put the transactions forward for dispute resolution based on inadequate disclosure on the part of the company. Through my own subsequent on-line searches, I see that these companies have pirated not only my bank but numerous other legitimate business websites. They have somehow hacked these sites to get you to take a fake survey for the legitimate business, offer FREE GIFTS as a means for obtaining credit and debit card information and then steal from these credit/debit cards on a monthly basis saying that accepting the FREE GIFTS meant agreeing to terms and conditions that included on-going subscriptions.

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