Revolution Financial Management

Seth –

Victim Location 11704

Type of a scam Employment

A work friend asked me if I need help figuring out my finances, savings account, life insurance, health insurance and to get out or stay out of dept. He made it seem like its was an originzation to help families finance properly. I said yes. He asked me some basic info and passed my number off to a guy named Nick Petrella. He called me about a half an hour later. The conversation was more like he was trying to recruit me to work for him. When I told him so he changed the subject and added fancy words that just confused me. He asked to just meet at one of his meeting that had minimal seating. He put me down for an appointment 8/21/2019 at 7pm – 9pm. After getting off the phone will him big red flags where going off in my head. I googled the busiess name and found a website which has barely any information on it. I went back to google and noticed yelp reviews saying it’s a pyramid scheme. I also read multiple reddit posts of people saying the same thing.

Latasha –

Victim Location 99207

Type of a scam Employment

Contacted by e-mail saying I was selected to be a Secret Shopper. I was supposed to shop at Target and evaluate my experience. The sent a Cashiers Check to cover my shopping + an additional $*** for me.

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