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Anna –

Victim Location 30236

Type of a scam Online Purchase

In October 2018, I was browsing the internet one day and there was this article posted (supposedly from NBC News or CNN) that stated this new supplement pill called Reviva Brain had come out to help increase brain function. It was supposed to enhance the cognitive abilities and enhance mental focus. The article was supposed to have included information from one of the actual tv broadcasts from some reputable broadcaster and so I thought it was legit. At the end of the article it DID NOT try and sell the product, it just gave a link to find out more info about this "new" innovative thing. When I clicked on the link, it still didn’t register to me that it could be a scam. It was just a website with info and button to try out a free sample and only pay the $7.95 shipping and handling. I completed the purchase and I was so excited, I decided to do some more research on the product. I went to search it on Google and couldn’t find any legitimate articles. They were all "fake". I then tried to go to the CNN or NBCNews article I found originally and it didn’t exist. I immediately thought it was a scam to just get my credit card info. I didn’t receive an email confirming my order or anything else. So, I called my bank and put a stop payment on the company. They had already charged the $7.95 but were not allowed to take any more funds. I eventually received the pills about 3 weeks later and was totally surprised. I didn’t think I would receive anything at all and at that point I thought it was just an advertising scam to get a few dollars. I just put the pills in storage and moved on. Today, April 19 2019, I received a phone call from 424-421-1001. It was some type of accounts person for the company and they were calling to collect over 130something dollars from me, because I had received pills, but had not paid them. I asked the woman what the funds were for and she stated that it was a subscription service and that because I had blocked the payment, they were not able to get their funds. I tried to ask additional questions, but she refused to go into additional detail and hung up on me. I was able to find a phone number on my bank statement 1-844-680-2800. I called it and the associate person told me she was not able to give me the name of the company without getting my contact information. I told her I would not and said I would give my phone number. She looked it up and they had tried to get several payments from my account. She then put me on hold. I didn’t want to go any further without seeking counsel or assistance so I hung up. I don’t know if they will send my account to collections or not, but I am happy I canceled before I lost a large amount of money. I am not seeking to sue or get the $7 back, my concern is their attempt to report me to a collection agency and to ensure no one else is scammed by the company. Below is the information I found on the scam:

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[email protected]




3201 W. Hillsborough Ave


Tampa, FL 33684

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