Revitaline Skin

Kendra –

Victim Location 32809

Total money lost $270

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The company advertises on Facebook mobile with small screens, with $4.97 FREE TRIAL offers. Then there is the 15 minute video before the signup sheet pops up. All of this is on a mobile phone, so it is extremely hard to read anything they wrote. The company states that Dr. Oz and Christie Brinkley endorses the product when in fact they do not. I could not order the "free sample" from Revitaline Skin Cream for only $4.95, since they force you to buy an additional product for $35 and does not give you the option to say "NO." Then the Company billed my credit card for $89.95 under the names "LLS*DELUXESKIN," "FRG*SEACRETSKINYOUTH, 877-3029336, CA" and "HYDRATING EYE SERUM [email protected]" They purposefully do not use their company name for legal purposes. They do NOT send you any documentation with the shipment and they do not send out any additional e-mails stating that the follow up shipment was sent. The company will not provide any further information that includes shipping information or product details. The company does not take back returns and will not issue a credit because they say it is a 14 day trial, and then you must cancel before then or they charge you the $89.95. You do NOT receive the product until AFTER the 14 days, which is too late. I was charged $89.95 and the product has not even left the company’s warehouse. There is NO refund policy. Lastly, the product does not work. Facebook should be notified of this scam to prevent further fraud by Revitaline.

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