Revita Youth

Colin –

Victim Location 33810

Total money lost $175.91

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Website indicated you were buying a trial size of the product, one for $5.94, and the other for $4.94. Those were the only charges that I authorized to my account. I received no confirmation email, which seemed odd but I had saved the website to my favorites so I could go back to the site if there was a problem. After a period of time I received the product in the mail from an address in St. Petersburg, FL and there was no packing slip or any paperwork with it, just the 2 small bottles! After trying the product out a few times it didn’t do anything except give me a rash. I had to leave to go on a trip out of the country, but as soon as I got back I called a number that I found on the bottle to tell them the product did not work and I wanted to return the product. They said that I could not, but they would cancel any future shipments which I did not even know about and there would be no further charges to my account. 2 days later my credit card bill came with two more charges for $85.94 and another for $89.97. When I called the company they said I had passed some 14 day trial period which I was not aware of and could not have a credit to my account that that was the charge for the 2 original bottles. When I went online and went on my favorites and clicked on the website that I had ordered from to check what the wording for the ad was the web site was no longer available. The page that I had ordered from was gone!!

Ivan –

Victim Location 10465

Total money lost $186.79

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They lure you into a $5.94 try me and then it goes south from there. They bill that through Eye Serum and then $4.94 through Brill Cream. Apparently the customer service rep claims they are shipped in one box yet billed separately. Good luck in searching that out. Each month you get a bill for $94.91 from Brill Cream AND $91.88 from Eye Serum !!! Nightmare begins – only 30 days refund INCLUDING travel time yet they bill before that for the next shipment so you never get a refund! CATCH 22 You NEVER get a refund and it goes on. Even if you call your 30 days have expired.They even try to give you a 30% or 35% friends and family offer but NO REFUND. BE SURE TO LOOK AT YOUR CREDID CARD STATEMENT WITH A FINE TOOTH COMB.

Why are they still in business and no one has shut them down.. This is a public travesty!!!

Cole –

Victim Location 17960

Total money lost $89

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Revita Youth is a company that advertised here on Facebook. Free samples of their youth cream and all you had to do was pay for 4.95 for mailing. I bought two separate things, $4.95 each and shortly after receiving full bottles of each, they charged my bank acct. $86. for each bottle because they didn’t have any sample bottles to send and also said they enrolled me in a monthly subscription. I called them to cancel this order that I didn’t want. They argued and argued with me. I finally called my bank to stop payments with them. What a scam.

Joanna –

Victim Location 02874

Total money lost $286.23

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Revita Youth is a company that advertised on Facebook. Free samples of their youth cream and all you had to do was pay for 4.95 for shipping. I bought the face cream and agreed to pay $4.95 for shipping. They asked at check out if I wanted the eye cream, I said NO. After receiving full bottles of each (including the eye cream I didn’t want and said NO to), they charged my bank acct. $85.94 for one and $89.97 for the other. I called my bank to alert them and we tried calling the number listed on the bank charge which had a recording that said they were no longer accepting calls (convenient). My bank gave me a temporary credit and it looking into my claim. They banned future charges, but said I need to try to keep getting through to them to officially cancel as these companies are known for changing the name the charge is submitted through and then it could go through again. I finally got through one day after the supposed 30 day window and they would not refund my previous months order, even though it was never opened. The day I canceled they told me one charge didn’t go through but one did and that although the product had not yet shipped, they could not stop it. This company is a SCAMMER. Search them online and Facebook.

Grace –

Victim Location 83401

Total money lost $329

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw a commercial saying "use the moisturizer Ellen uses" try it for free..I called the # and when they asked for credit card i hung up, a lady called me right back and said this only costs $4.95 for s&h,i said i did not want any more and did not want to be charged ever again,3 times she agreed to this, i received the trial which had no paperwork whatsoever,Then on sep 19 i received another box with no paperwork just a welcome to the club card. I called and said i did not want it and wanted a refund,they refused and i said i told your operator i did not want anymore and she said"we have no record of you calling" as i had hung up and they called back. anyway come to find out they had charged my card over $300 for a $4.95 trial. I told her they were shady and scandalous and that i was going to call bbb and she said go ahead the only record we have of you calling is Sep 21st! They are a horrible company.

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