Revenue Management Group LLC

Sandra –

Victim Location 11691

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called very unprofessional, said I owed debt from 2012. I looked it up the amount on my credit report and nothing matched, I asked for proof of debt they were very rude , yelling saying I am a bad creditor. This morning I received another called but under a different company name and with the same debt amount and is how I was alerted that it was a scam….I am taking the email that was send to me with all the complaints filed on my from the to the bank to report this fraud and have my account locked or withdrawal all my money….

Marvin –

Victim Location 90254

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Stole $1000 from my checking account by forging one of my checks.

Jay –

Victim Location 01604

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Debt Collections

These people are stating that i owe some debt to kemper. I never heard of this company before. Its not even on my credit report. But when i get threatened with court papers i agreed to make payments with this company thinking maybe it is a debt that i missed. But after reviewing things on goigle and doing my research i realize these people are scammers. I want my money back from these people. They took 400.00 from me. I called them and told them my lawyer wamted some type of form showing what i paid and how much i owed. It took them 3 weeks to send it to me. I havent sent them anymore money and i havent gotten any calls from them either. But i want my 400.00 back

Mayra –

Victim Location 83404

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Debt Collections

they called me used a local pay day comp but a diff adress saying i owed from 2011, i got scared asked alot of ? they were very rude, they said i owed 1300$ i offered 300$ trhey took paymnet, i then started looking found alot of negative forms i will be trying to get my bank to help me out

Randi –

Victim Location 32321

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called saying i owe for a loan. When asked when and i want documentation they hung up. I called back everyone kept hanging up on me. Then they told me documents aren’t kept at the office and they would just sue me in court. They refuse to give me any information but gave me my old name which has been changed for 10 years and the loan was taken out in 2010 with my maiden name. They refused to provide me any documents.

Meagan –

Victim Location 55104

Total money lost $175

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone call from these people stating I had defaulted on a payday loan from Bahama Management Group back in 2012. Even though I never recalled taking this loan, my wife and I were 4 weeks from closing on our new home, and these people were threatening to file a claim on our credit report. Because they said they would settle the debt for half of the loan, we said yes. They had my SS number, an old address of mine, an old work email address of mine, and also my current address, I thought they must be legit. I even had them email me a copy of the letter that they said they sent but I never received. Everything looked legit, so I told them that I would pay them half that day and that they could take the other half a month later. A week later, I was looking at my CC Statement, and I saw a charge on it for a pizza place. I asked my wife if she had gone out to lunch somewhere new that day, and she said no. I googled the pizza place, and they were in NY, and we live in MN. I called the pizza place, and the owner realized that he and I both had been scammed. He reversed the charge and contacted the police. I called my CC company, and have now had to cancel my card, disputed the charge that I originally gave the approval for and now will have to really pay close attention to any and everything that deals with my SS number. These people orders a flipping pizza with my CC, that is pretty bold. DO NOT GIVE ANY information to these people no matter what they threaten.

Wayne –

Victim Location 50047

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Debt Collections

1st they called stating the were from Warren County Courts. They said they tried to summon me at my residence the day before and were trying to summon me again. They didn’t want me to be in contempt of court so they wanted to verify my address and let me know that they would be at my house at 2:00 that day. Since I was unable to be home for the summons they gave me a phone number along with my pending court docket number. I called the number and they stated they were Revenue Management Group and they had contacted me prior thru the mail and since there was no response and the debt was over $10,000 they were taking me to court. They had been working with Wells Fargo to collect this debt. They stated I was being recorded and that anything I said would be used against me in court or if I wanted to settle before the summons was made at my residence they could work with me. I tried to get more information they stated because of how far they were in the process they couldn’t provide further information. They said I couldn’t hang up with them because it would stop the recording and it would mean that I was agreeing the I was not willing to take care of the debt. They said if I didn’t pay anything during the phone call the summons would take place and they would freeze my assets and place liens on my house and vehicles. They knew my name and social security number. They threatened me with contempt of court if I was home to sign for the summons. I ended up paying them money because of the threats they were making. I felt cornered and I had no choice but to pay them, the original phone call stating they were from Warren County Courts really concerned me. I have since called courts and sheriff office and I have no summons against me. The debt they were trying to collect is not mine and never existed. It’s not on my credit report and I never had this debt in the time frame they gave me. I should have not paid them but was scared and worried about the threats they made. I a disputing the payment so hopefully they don’t end up with any money. Please do not fall for there threats. The things they use against use are concerning and scary. I was afraid to take the risk of what could happen if I didn’t pay if it was real and let them get to me and make payment.

Jay –

Victim Location 50702

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This collection agency has been harassing me at work, on my cell and now today sending me a bogus email to my manager who forwarded it to me. I tried calling them back a few weeks ago and asked them to send me something in writing and the CSR who I can not even tell you her name was rude and talking over me and telling me that they will send a courier out to serve me documents and that I need two forms of ID and a witness to sign?? I know that this is not how someone who is going to garnish your wages will do things. I have talked to my HR department and they have not contacted them and asked any information. The email today was sent to my manager who got a call from someone saying she was with the Black Hawk County something and she told them that she could not give any information to her, she asked for her fax and she gave it to her and got this Authorization agreement which I never agreed to anything. I have forwarded this to my bank as well. There is not any banking information on this but when I did call them a few weeks ago, I asked that they DO NOT CALL MY WORK. They somehow have gotten my direct number as well.

Tasha –

Victim Location 43920

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called for debit collection to settle a debit after many phone calls of trying to get some legal documents of proof of the company and was treated insulted and harassed all to get me to make a blind payment to a company I don’t know exist.

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