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Victim Location 66614

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have been receiving voicemail from the same "debt collection agent" for three months, that I ignored assuming it was a scam. After being called on 3/30/2018 I decided to look into this business. They claim to have been in business since 1987 and supposedly collect for healthcare and medical debt. I personally have not been to a hospital since I was 17 (I am 29 now) and have no record of this debt or collection attempts/inquiries on any of the three credit reporting agencies. After looking into the business online, and seeing others reviews across the web about this "debt collection agency" attempting to collect a debt from other people who did not owe any money or receive any legal documents stating that they owed money I decided to contact this business directly.

Upon contacting their business I made contact with the same agent who has been harassing me and leaving voice mails for the past three months. Immediately this seemed very suspicious as what collection agency has one person taking and making ALL the phone calls. I asked for the agents name after they asked for mine (did not want to give my info without getting more from them first) and was told that she would not give me any info. After I asked again to know who I was speaking with she told me to have a good day and hung up. This "business" seems very suspect to me personally, and others that have left reviews stating similar situations to my own. I believe this is scam debt collection agency attempting to collect on fraudulent and fabricated debts.

Based on the information I gathered from their website and others reviews they appear to attempt to collect medical and healthcare debt for "Children’s Hospital." I have never been to this hospital, received medical care in Colorado (or Kansas for the last ten years) and have no outstanding medical debt. If they attempt to contact me again I will ascertain what debt they are attempting to collect, via a lawyer, as they were not willing to discuss the matter with me when I began questioning the legitimacy of their business. I hope will look into this company and take any action required. If they are a legitimate business they need to be reprimanded for illegally contacting individuals who do not owe a debt and refusing to give any information about the debt.

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