revenue canada spoof

Katrina –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I didn’t answer the call but Person has called a couple of times leaving a msg saying there is a lawsuit against me by Revenue Canada and that I will be arrested

Jason –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received two threatening phone calls today 7:08 am and 2:23 pm saying that to contact 1-613-927-9250 and 1-613-927-9273 which is Revenue Canada because i am being sued regarding my filing of income tax. Did not pick up the phone or respond to the messages . I am convinced that they would have asked for money but i did not pickup the phone

Jesse –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

recorded message " this is a call from Revenue Canada" it said that you owe money and if you fail to return this call a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Maggie –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

The person calling says they are from Revenue Canada and that there is a criminal investigation underway regarding your income tax account and that you must call them back right away at the number given.

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