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Jasmine –

Victim Location 84720

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

While attempting to sell a car, I posted a listing to several websites and social media platforms. After a couple of days, I received a text from a lady who said she was interested in the car, but would like to send an email, which was strange but I gave her my email address. I then received the following email:


thank you for replying to my text. Like I said earlier, I saw your car ad and I really love it but I have some reservations. I had some bad experience with buying used car in the past. My last one was in the shop all of the time and I want to make sure this vehicle doesn’t have a long history of repairs. It would be great to take a look at vehicle history report before making final decision. Do you happen to have such a report? I would like to make sure there have not been any serious issues with it and it would really ease my concerns. If you do not know where to buy this kind of report I can recommend you this site: When I was selling my truck I used it and it works well. Be sure to let me know if/when you get a report so I can check it out.

I hope you understand this and it is not a big problem for you.

Best regards,


Most definitely a scam, attempting to get me to use their shady VIN lookup website, which I would probably have to pay for (I didn’t get that far).

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