Rev Gen

Rebecca –

Victim Location 32812

Type of a scam Employment

After applying for position of “assistant of promotional sales” I was called into interview.

Upon arriving at address given, I was unable to locate the office. I emailed asking for help and a way to call them for directions. They would not give me a phone number and only told me to meet them in a back parking lot. With suspensions, I decided to leave and not move forward. However, I saw two others dressed professionally so I asked if they too were looking for RevGen. They said yes so we all went together.

I was scheduled for 11:30am, as were they. When finally finding the “office” it was filled with 20-30 year olds all meeting at 11:30. Instead, the “CEO” was meeting with individuals “first come first serve”. Myself and several others waited over 1.5 hours to speak with him.

When meeting with him, he was not specific to any of our applications and was talking about something very different. Everyone agreed it was a scam.

I got a call back at 4:05pm same day with a “no caller ID” phone. They asked me to come for a second interview at 8:30. I began asking questions and they were rude stating they could not supply’s me with any information (including job description) until I showed up. They then sent an email to me several minutes later stating that I would be working with them all day tomorrow (unpaid) to learn about the business and I would be there the entire day.

I responded letting them know their procedures were inappropriate and declined the offer.

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