Retrofit Wholesale

John –

Victim Location 28083

Total money lost $1,049.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased through Forum Group buy (***) for morimoto xb headlights. Retrofit wholesale goes by the name of Eledobleu on several forums.

I was an early purchaser (july 2nd) with the understanding of the wait time till arrival and shipment. As wait times increased and arising issues became apparent. I simply asked to be refunded (Nov 21st). Waited the 5-7 business days he stated it would take. Still no refund back to my CC and the headaches began. Then I was told to dispute the charge against the transaction from himself. However, I was past my CC time frame to file a dispute. I was told over and over again, that the refund was compromised. After being very patient through the whole process he agreed to PayPal me outside the original business transaction. Jan 5th he sent me a partial refund through goods and services. As I began to ask for the remaining amount, he filed a claim Jan 11th as "item not received". After no resolution with him or PayPal I was forced to refund back the money. Leaving me out of the group buy purchase price. He has now left the forum and has left others with no refund also.

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