Retrieval Mediation Services

Andrea –

Victim Location 35215

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The office of Retrieval Mediation Services called stating that they were in the process of sending forms to my job to have wages garnished, stating that a internet loan was taken out in 2012 for the amount of $1400.00 and that 4 payments were made and then payments ceased. This person stated my entire social security number as well as account #, he stated that he was collecting for Belle Capital Corporation . The person stated that his name was Morgan and that he worked in there legal department, he wanted me to answer some questions fro him, after I got the information that I needed from him I hung up note he did call family as well telling them that I need to contact them right away.

Casey –

Victim Location 70380

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received this voicemail: This is investigator Ralph Warren. If you don’t give me a call back I will be moving forward with charges against you today and it will include a wage garnishment as well as a civil order with could also include criminal charges. Give me call back as soon as you get this message so we can make a determination on whether or not to move forward with these charges. I can be reached at 504-504-1117.

Heather –

Victim Location 84058

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company contacted me referencing three different companies saying that I had taken out an online loan in 2010 and told me I could settle it for $980 plus a $20 processing fee (so $1,000 even). I have never heard from any of the companies before, which were; Cardinal Loans, Manhattan Processing, and Retrieval Mediation Services. They told me all this information they had on me including my home address, my husband’s name and phone #’s, multiple family members names and phone #’s, and the last four digits of both my social security # and my VISA CARD!!!

When I asked that they mail me documentation my post so I could look into the possibility of identity fraud, they refused and said they’d emailed me something in 2015 but would email me the form over again. I received it in my email and asked if I could call them back at which point they got very pushy and rude and said that I was a felon and a thief and that they were going to send me to jail and make sure everyone knew what a thief I was. At that point my husband took the phone away and said to stop harassing me and he hung up. They’ve kept calling and getting pushier to the point that a man called me an [censored] and an a-hole. At that point I called the BBB and reported them and they were able to determine that they are a fake debt retrieval "phishing" company and we’re using scare tactics to get my money. They’re being investigated by the FTC and the very kind people at the BBB told me to block their calls and check my financial institutions to see if there has been any shady activity.

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!! It was extremely emotionally taxing and frustrating and I hope for anyone’s sake they don’t have to put up with it and hopefully this will help you to avoid the craziness they brought to my doorstep.

Much Luck!!

Abigail –

Victim Location 60559

Type of a scam Debt Collections

pay day loan; CashnetUSA or Lazer Lending (that is on the verification of debt letter sent to me by email) I did take out a loan with CashnetUSA in 2009 for $150.00 which balance is $84.31. MY COMPLAINT IS on the people who called me stating:



PHONE: (678) 609-4869 FAX: (888) 215-0254Balance Due: $


Settlement Offer: $680.00

They would not give me their license number.

The lady name Kelly said if I don’t today (which was yesterday by 5pm) they will turn my paperwork in court and hold me in contempt to pay $3,000. I contacted CashnetUSA, and they said they sold my account to:

Debt Management Partners…I called them and they said they do not have my account, but they would work with me for the payment due of $84.31….they gave me their address and I will do that with a money order. (they don’t take credit cards over the phone. Retrieval keeps calling me, my mom–calling my mom 5 times within 2 hrs, which is harrassment. I called Free Legal Advice About Debt Collection Problems (844) 244-6600 (toll free) and gave them a few phone numbers for them to look up: 205-206-9687, 678-609-4869, 312-465-1378 and they said they have complaints on file on those phone numbers and that they are scammers. BOY THEY SOUNDED SO LEGIT, and SCAREY!! I have never, and my mom said, too, never have been so scared in our entire lives until now. Please get these people punished. My mom is close to turning 80 years old; she does not need any of this….neither do I. If there is a way to contact me, please do so….your instructions say don’t include my phone number, ss, and acct numbers…so I haven’t.

George –

Victim Location 55408

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from someone claiming to be from a company called Retrieval Mediation Services to collect a debt. I did some extensive searching and this debt they claim I have does not exist. They call from several different numbers, most recently from 1-205-206-9687 claiming that a debt has not been pain. They have called my work and family members as well. I am not sure how they have retrieved this information.

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