Peter –

Total money lost $517.28

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Looking at news online a pop-up add showed about beauty product. I usually never buy online and that was a free product for the first 250 people. I was tempted to order right away which I never order online. That’s why I think it was a subliminal add. I had to pay a $ 10.00 for a second product the Hyaluronic the first one was Retinolmd and free. I put my credit card through and usually I take a photo of the receipt but there was no receipt just after I put my credit card number through the whole page disappeared. I received a box with the product a few weeks to a month later and two weeks after another box and I received my visa bill and look at it and saw 3 different company billing me Retinolmd and Hyaluronic plus for $129.88 and $128.76 plus financial service for $9.49 and 2 weeks later 129.88 and 128.76 . I phoned my credit card and put a stop for those companies to charge me. It is illegal to charge like that and advertise free product and keep sending more product and charge more…..

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