Drew –

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A few months ago I was logging onto my scotia back website I was asked to answer a few questions about the Banks service and I would receive a prize for answering the questions. Since then I have received a box a month of skin cream and its being deducted off my credit card I did not submit my card to the company whats going on here

Samantha –

Total money lost $15.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Unfortunately I was scammed by, I was actually browsing Ikea when their add came up and said I had won a sample of their face moisturizer. All I had to pay was 5.95 for the shipping and handling (thinking they were trying to promote their product by sending samples I accepted). I paid for the product but later received additional charges to my credit card so I called the number provided and the rude representative told me it was a membership fee and there was more to come ($170 for the product). He further explained there were more charges and if I did not pay up I was getting reported to the fraud department. When I asked for my "membership information" that I paid $10 for he could not answer me and when I tried to Login from their pngage it was a nonexistent link. They also could not give me confirmation of cancellation or receipts of any kind which most companies do via email. LPM Marketing Ltd is listed at the bottom of their page along with the address 12 Mykinon St., Office 23, Nicosia 1065, Cyprus, although I was under the impression they were from Ontario, Canada. Do more research before buying online!

Cody –

Total money lost $189.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Like others I have read about I was offered a special deal to purchase some skin products for a low price via amazon website ($11 to cover profits and shipping as a trial) however was billed for $189.98 on my credit card to my surprise on top of the original special offer. When I called the company last night I was told I had agreed to terms and conditions that laid out details of how I needed to return the products within a certain timeframe to not be billed the full amount. I was not aware of any terms and conditions which it appears was hidden and not fully laid out when I made the original special deal order and this is where the misleading and inappropriate business practices kick in. I tried to reason with their spokesperson via phone and email and they kept threatening to charge me more for products I had not received- never mind trying to return the products I had received since I had not opened them yet although I had thrown out the original packaging. I have an email now from their rep that says I am no longer on their authorized payment plan- which is incredulous since I did not sign up for anything like this and I will contact my credit card company today to put a stop order on this company in order to reject any payments from them in future. At one point the customer service rep offered to reimburse me for almost half the payment and then she reneged in another email a few minutes later.

Kurt –

Total money lost $370

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Offer a trial for zero dollars just pay shipping of $5.95 then 16 days later bill your credit card for a total of $369.93 Customer service rep no help and says there is no one except her to deal with and that is hard to believe. cannot esculate complaint can only deal with her . She was absolutely no help. just sorry thats how it is.

Craig –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company Advertises a "Free Giveaway" on Facebook that takes you to their site where you can choose two products for $0.00 dollars and just pay shipping and handling. It takes you through a series of pages talking about the product and asks for credit card info for the shipping and handling charges. Does not ask you to read the Term that are on the very bottom of the page in very small writing. The Terms do say that you will be charged after 30 days but unlikely that most people know this when placing their order. I didn’t. Their advertising and website is misleading and has outright lies in it.

Jeremy –

Total money lost $369.93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have been scammed for $369.93 . If you go in on their website you will see that it is very legit . If you order from their web site you will see that all is explained , if you by their special order .

The problem here , is, that i ordered from a face book site or pop up . The site that I ordered from , made absolutely no reference to their terms or conditions , it definitely did not say that I would be billed full price if I did not return the product in 14 days . It did say that if I wasn’t satisfied with the product I could return it for a full refund of , which would be their special price of $5.95 for each product . [ I ordered two ]

My problem here is that I think that Retinolla knows about this pop up , knows there is no reference to their actual web site and when you call them to tell them that , they apologise and offer you a $180.00 refund . [ which they did and I refused , I told them I was opening a complaint with Amazon and wanted my $369 93 back .

Many people are on line screaming SCAM .

I realise this country is outside the U.S. and Canada , but they are , or , someone is scamming people and they know it because they will return half your money if the product is not opened [ tell me how you can sample the product without opening it ] .

The fact here is that they don’t mind returning half your money , this tells me they know what is going on and are willing to milk you out for the other half .

They did send me an email telling me that if I accept them returning the $180.00 , i would have to agree to their terms of not opening a claim etc … I have refused to answer that email .

Jerry –

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I did an online survey for Bell Canada and at the end was told that I would receive a free gift. There were several choices, one being a cream and serum sample from Retinolia. All that was required to be paid, in everything that I read, both at the time, and since, including in the package received, was shipping and handling. There were several comments below the survey stating that the samples had been shipped promptly and there was no scam. However, when I received my last VISA statement (which is what I used to pay the shipping and handling), I was surprised to see a charge to and one to There were two different phone numbers but it is the same company. In addition both are down as recurring charges. I put in a fraud charge investigation with the credit card company but nothing came of it so I called the company to find out what was going on. I was told that the samples I had received were only 14 day samples – that I was supposed to return them in 14 days if I did not like them (which is ridiculous because it is difficult to really tell in the 7 days between the time the product was received with shipping time included and when it had to be returned whether it was something that you liked but that is beside the point). I was also told that as a good will gesture, they were refund $100 of the approximately $350 that I was charged but in return, I had to agree not to submit a claim to my credit card company and they would cancel my account. They also noted that 99.9% of claims that went the credit card company were turned down any way. I am not one who typically gets scammed but clearly this was well done and has been used lots of times. I would very much like to shut them down but I suspect that what they are doing is not illegal so I just want to be sure that others do not fall for this.

Marcus –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Went to Best Buy website and a customer satisfaction page came up. "Answer survey and get a free gift." Answered the questions and the free gift/thank you page came up. Gift will be shipped but I must pay $2.95 postage. Proceeded to pay with my Master Card. It then said continue, which took me to the next page which asked if I also wanted to try a trial offer of another product for $5.95. There was only one place to click which was continue ( no option to answer yes or no) . I pressed continue and another page came up with another offer for a trial offer of another product for $5.99. Again the only option out was to press continue (again no option to answer yes or no). This took me to the last page which showed they were billing my card for all three charges. I noted their email address and immediately emailed them to cancel the two non authorized charges and cancel the connected offers. I then received an email from them say it was too late to cancel as the order was already processed. I was also informed that I would also be shipped and charged for the additional items of the two non ordered products if I didn’t ship back the samples at my expense within 14 days.

Cristina –

Total money lost $370

Type of a scam Online Purchase

While visiting a legitimate website, a survey poped up asking me to evaluate the services. When I completed the survey, it said that I have been rewarded to try a face cream and pay only for shipping $5.99 and asked to fill out my credit card information. When I did, I received an email confirmation that the product has been shipped. Later, I noticed two charges of $5.99 on my credit card and about a month later a total of $370 charge on my account one from Retinolla and one from Luxerove. I intend to pursue this matter further but googled both companies and many similar complaints came up.

Sierra –

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was on *** site and a survey popped up. I thought it was ***, whom I trust because I have ordered from them many times. If you complete the survey you can get a trial gift. So I thought it was fine and ordered it with my debit card. A couple of days later I just went online to review this product (retinolla) when a scam appeared about it. My product has already been shipped. I have lost $5.95 and $2.95 for this and apparently you will be charged $179 after your trial period is up. Monthly charges. So I immediately called my bank and got my debit visa cancelled. I tried to cancel the autorefill on the website but it came up with an error. I called the company. I was informed that I would have to ship back the product. I got really angry because I thought the $5.95 was the cost of the trial size sample and the $2.95 was the cost of shipping. Now I have to send this back and pay more shipping on something I am not even going to open. This is very deceptive because I was not even aware I was signing up for an auto refill. You can’t even cancel the auto refill, it won’t let you.

Seth –

Total money lost $161.35

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Offered a beauty care product for $4.99 + shipping

Jan 6th

$161.35 January 23rd charged to credit card for an unauthorized purchase

January 24 contacted the toll free number

Was told I went over 14 day trial period to cancel

No mention of the "14 day trial" online ad or included with trial package

Company offered to refund 30% of the cost—asked to speak to a manager—offered 50% refund

Unacceptable!!! I didn’t order anything why should I be out 50% or 70% of my cash for something I don’t want or even have!

Arthur –

Total money lost $401.42

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an email early December from Rogers. It said because I was a valued customer they were giving me an opportunity to choose from several companies who, for shipping and handling charges, would send me what I thought were free samples of cosmetics. So, trusting Rogers name, I clicked on the link for 2 offers, one for Stemacare and the second for Labellor. I found the site hard to navigate and get out of. I gave them my credit card #. The companies said these products would come from China but I received them quickly from an Ontario address.

On Dec 24 my credit card was charged with 195.27 & 206.15 with both charges from Stemacare/Retinola & Labellor/Retinola. I called the phone # from their website and the agent said he’d send me an email with their policy explained. I have been in email correspondence with them but because the packaging it came in was discarded I was unable to return the products. They offered me $100.00 for each item which they would credit my credit card. So far that has not been done.

I phoned my credit card co. and they looked into it and said I had, online, agreed to accept the charges and to receive monthly shipments so they couldn’t do anything. I did not see any cost, other than S&H mentioned and I did not see that I had 12 days to use the product and then I would be charged full price.

I have talked to Rogers to alert them to what appears to be a scam. I want to alert other trusting folk like me to be very cautious with any online offers which involve your credit card.

Lydia –

Total money lost $370

Type of a scam Online Purchase

the company regarding their advertisements on various product websites. Advertisers must be prepared to substantiate claims through independent scientific testing. Their website claims include but are not limited to the following:

‘Clinically Proven to Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles!

– Dramatically Shrinks The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Crow’s Feet.

– Lifts And Firms Sagging Skin Around Jawline And Erases Laugh Lines.

– With Natural Seaweed Extract To Protect From Aging Free Radicals.

– Enriched With Collagen Boosters To Rebuild Skin’s Underlying Structure.’



‘All Natural Formula’

‘Clinical studies have shown that when both Retinol products are used twice daily, they restore your skin’s dewy, youthful glow. Use Retinolla twice a day to shoo away crows feet, reduce wrinkles and block damage from UV rays. Expect first-rate results — without spending thousands on Botox injections. Grab your trial of Retinolla Moisturizing Cream and Eye Cream for the premium results you want at a low price.’

‘#1 Used & Recommended by Dermatologists in Canada!’

‘Clinically Proven Doctor Recommended’ seal

‘Subjects in clinical tests saw dramatic improvement when Retinol Moisture Cream was used together with Retinol Eye Cream. This all-in-one age-defying skin repair kit smooths away crows feet and shrinks wrinkles.’

‘As you age, your skin loses collagen, leading to structural deterioration: wrinkles, sagging jowls, laugh lines, age spots and dryness. Although it’s normal for collagen replacement to slow down as we get older, this process can be stopped and even reversed, thanks to Retinol Eye Cream and Moisture Cream.’

‘Specially priced kits remaining:* Limited quantities. While supplies last.’

Websites lists the following companies implying the item was featured in their publications:

Anderson Cooper 360, Allure, Martha Stewart Living, Oprah Winfrey, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, ELLE

The website includes a "Dermatologist Tested ABD" logo implying the American Board of Dermatology approves the product.

According to the Code of Advertising, claims relating to performance, efficacy or results for a product or service should be based on recent and competent testing or other objective data.

Upon review of the website it appears the company offers consumers a trial option where they pay $3.95 plus S&H for the product(s). The website does not disclose upfront the terms and conditions stating that they will be charged the full amount and be automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription if they do not cancel and return the product.

The Code of Advertising states that any advertisement for a product that includes an offer to sell or provide consumers with additional goods or services under a negative option feature must include a clear and conspicuous disclosure of all material terms of the negative option feature. More importantly, advertisers must not interpret the consumer’s silence, failure to take an affirmative action to reject goods or services, or failure to cancel the agreement, as consent to enroll the consumer in the negative option feature. Instead, they must ensure that the consumer affirmatively consents (either online, over the phone, or in person) to the negative option feature before enrolling the consumer in the plan.

The company did not respond to BBB.

PATTERN OF COMPLAINTS files indicate a pattern of complaints concerning "trial" offers provided by this company. Consumers have advised that they ordered the "trial" but, were charged the full price of the product within two weeks of placing an order. Customers have also reported extra, unauthorized charges made to their credit cards.

Please note the following terms and conditions from the company website:

By ordering our special trial Retinola Beauty Kit, you agree to enroll in our AutoRefill Program. You will be charged applicable shipping and handling fees upon placing the order and will then have 14 days to try our products and return them if you are not completely satisfied. If you choose to keep the kit, you will be charged the full cost of C$179.95. We will then automatically send you a replenishment of the products you have ordered according to our common replenishment guidelines (normally, every 30 calendar days). Your card will be charged C$129.87 accordingly upon dispatch of the replenishment package.

On October 7, 2016, sent a letter to notify the business of its concerns and requested that they work towards correcting the underlying reason for the complaints. The company has not replied or resolved the matter to date.

Keri –

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

You click on an add in Facebook, on which it is advertized that you may try a smal container of their product for a low price (ie 5,95) and shipping (2,95). What they don’t tell you is that in their terms and conditions, it is said that if you do not cancel you will get monthly autoshipment, for which you get charged anywere from 129,95 to 189,95$. One easily gets hooked because such a statement in Terms and conditions doesn’t make legal, here in canada. However, to our beloved big creditcard companies, this is an authorization for charging you and they (Mastercard) won’t revert the charges and you have to fight hard to even get your card cancelled.

William –

Total money lost $736

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On or about September 25th, I was logging into my Royal Bank account and was asked to complete an RBC Survey before continuing to the online banking. In fact I could not proceed to my online account without completing the survey. At the end of the survey, I was offered a thank you gift of cosmetics and was only required to pay 5.99 shipping and handling. A second offer for a second cosmetic popped up for an additional shipping and handling fee of 5.99. I used my credit card for the payments. I received the cosmetics by mail and the accompanying paperwork was a packing slip. Subsequently in October my credit card was charged $179.00 from and $189.00 from In November my credit card was again charged with the same charges. I contacted my bank and was advised they had never offered an online survey or an online purchase offer. I googled the company names that were listed on my credit card account and called them on November 13th. The customer service representative said I had signed up online and agreed to a subscription and agreed to pay $179.00 and $189.00 if I didn’t return the products within 30 days. I have never gone to the company websites and order the products. The company represented themselves as a bank and lured customers through a survey offering a thank you gift for completing the survey. When the cosmetics were received there was no nothing on the paperwork indicating that there was an additional fee that would be charged to me if I did not return the products within 30 days and there was no mention of an agreement to a membership/subscription to their auto ship program.

Melinda –

Total money lost $370

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was on the internet and I was asked by Rogers Cable to complete a survey against a reward , which I did , all I was asked in the end was to pay for the shipping cost. Then I received the products and CAD 390.00 was taken from my credit card which I provided for the shipping cost.

I called customer service to explain the situation but I was told either I keep the product and they will refund me CAD 90 per product thus CAD 180.00 , or return the product and depending on the warehouse report will decide whether it will be a full refund.

Obviously when they received the product , I was not eligible for a full refund because the product was not return in its original conditions. When I received the package I did open it but did not use it .

I did not use the product as I was planning of giving it away for Christmas , now I had to agree to their goodwill gesture of refunding me CAD 180.00 in total thus loosing CAD 190 that I paid for nothing as I have returned the product.

Alana –

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saw a add for a cosmetic sample on what I believed was Shopper Drug Mart web site. I gave them my credit card to pay for shipping and later had chargers on my credit card for $180 and $179.00. When I phoned the company and complained they finally agreed to take product back but when it was returned they still refused to reimburse . I complained to shoppers drug mart and they said it was a scam and had nothing to do with them and I should complain to the authorities.I did some checking online and they have over 300 complaints on one website!

comments are on this site from different countries.

Lori –

Total money lost $364

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am a customer of Telus. On or about September 28th received an email asking me to complete a satisfaction survey on Telus. I completed the survey and was then informed that I was eligible for a prize. Three samples of cosmetics were offered and the information said all I would be charged would be the postage of $5.95. I selected one product and entered my low limit credit card information. About a week later I received a package containing two cosmetic products. On October 24th, a check of my Visa statement revealed two charges of $179.95 and 189.98 respectively.

Attempts to contact the company by phone have repeatedly failed. An internet search revealed that the serving Central Ontario had issued warnings about this company. The circumstances revealed in their bulletin closely match my experience with this company.

Nicole –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Fake online survey, posing as an ISP that directsrect to the mentioned website advising a free trial. After the free trial period a signicant fee is charged directly to credit card as well as future autorefills. Charges and auto refills are not clearly defined in the initial terms and conditions.

Lindsey –

Total money lost $8.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

online ad through facebook using shoppers drugmart’s name saying you receive a free gift and you just pay $2.95 shipping then i get an e-mail from this Retinolla company saying i get a free trial not a gift after they take $2.95 and $5.95 out of my account plus another $109.95 if i keep the product after 14 days i can’t get them to cancel

Amelia –

Total money lost $179

Type of a scam Online Purchase

1. They used ads to promote their page, such as the link below. If you take a closer look, Walmart is misspelled as "walamrt", although the next word is correctly spelled out.

<span title="—-D–… />
This is where they will enticed consumer to take the survey and they will get rewards. See first image.

2. After completing the survey, which I believe is nothing but a fake website, it will bring you to the next link, where you will claim your survey. Copy the link and paste it on any browser, it will simply change the date into the current date. The thing is, you don’t have to go through the series of survey just to claim the a "prize". This is a proof that the web pages are just static and nothing is gathered to actually get the result of the survey. No database, no statistics. Another proof this is a scam.

<span title="—-D–—-D–api… />
See 2nd image. Note that they did mentioned something at the bottom of the page, but you have to scroll all the way down to see it. Another method of scamming people.

3. Once you select Retinolla, it will then bring you to the Retinolla page at

<span title="… />
to enticed consumers to "Rush my order". See 3rd image. You will notice at the very bottom of the page that the terms and conditions is not clearly shown, and one has to click the "Read more" link to display it. Another scammer’s method.

4. The consumer will then enter their personal information and later their credit card. Credit card companies says you have consented to enter your information. Retinolla did not stole your info and credit card, but the consumer themselves put their information there. Credit card companies have copies of Retinolla’s Terms and Conditions, and they will tell you it’s all legal and valid because you agreed to it by entering your information. Credit card companies will not stop the pre-authorized charges as the consumer themselves will have to deal with Retinolla.

This is clearly a bad business practice but they still get away with this.

Take a look at how many consumers, probably thousands, were already duped by this company.

And probably more, just Google "Retinolla Scam" and you will see.

I hope there is something that can be done to stop them form further scamming people, especially older ones.

Valerie –

Total money lost $15

Type of a scam Online Purchase

These people advertise skin care products and used Costco’s name and logo to legitimize their ad. They sent out samples saying I only needed to pay the shipping but it turns out it’s a 14 day "trial" and after that they start sending more product automatically and billing your credit card for $300 or more. I can’t find the ad again and didn’t read anywhere that this would happen. I would not have even responded if it had’t mention Costco. Clearly a total scam. The products are Retinolla and Revolux.

Brandon –

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Company advertised a promotion through a fake CIBC website for free samples of moisturizer, requiring bank information in order to charge for shipping. Product was received, however the company then charged a recurring monthly "membership" fee of hundreds of dollars. CIBC says they are not affiliated with this company. The company does not accept returns or refunds, either, despite advertising a 14 day return policy. They offered a partial refund on condition that the victim agreed not to demand further refunds or pursue any action against the company.

Sheila –

Total money lost $399.25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Retinolla & Revoluxe posted an ad on Facebook in the name of Costco offering a free product with only the postage payable. The proposed ad suggested postage of Cdn $ 5.95 only. Later, I was surprise that Cdn $ 6.43,

Cdn $ 3.17 & Cdn 6.38 was charged on my credit card on July 21, 2016 for the postage of two products. Excerpts of the email received by me…


Great news, ***! Your Retinolla trial has just been dispatched to:

*** ***

*** *** ***

***, ** ***


You can conveniently track your shipment online at by simply entering your tracking number: ***

Order ID: ***

Placed on: 07/20/2016

Tracking number: ***

Shipped on: 07/21/2016

If you believe there is an error in your information, please let us know right away.

For easy access to your account at any time, you can login at:

Username: ***

Password: xxxxxxx

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Enjoy your trial and the rejuvenating powers of Retinolla. And thank you for being a valued customer!

email confirmation of Product


# 2

Great news, ***! Your Revoluxe trial has just been dispatched to:

*** ***

*** *** ***

***, ** ***


You can conveniently track your shipment online at by simply entering your tracking number: ***

Order ID: ***

Placed on: 07/20/2016

Tracking number: ***

Shipped on: 07/21/2016

If you believe there is an error in your information, please let us know right away.

For easy access to your account at any time, you can login at:

Username: ***

Password: xxxxxxxx

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Enjoy your trial and the rejuvenating powers of Revoluxe. And thank you for being a valued customer!

The Revoluxe Team

The Retinolla Team



* This is an automated shipping confirmation e-mail. Please do not respond to this message directly.

To unsubscribe from future mailings, please click here.

David –

Total money lost $180

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Retinolla has my Credit Card info because I paid for shipping through a popup survey and now they will be billing me for my "FREE" product if I do not return it to Canada:

C/O Precision Total Fulfillment

41 Parr Blvd

Bolton, Ontario

L7E 4E3, Canada

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