Retinolla & Revoluxe

Diana –

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The company masquerades as being associated with a reputable company’s website (Costco in this instance) and offers a free gift in return for completion of a survey on that company’s website. Cosmetic/beauty products (Revoluxe and Retinolla) are offered as the free gift with payment required only for shipping. On checkout and payment of the shipping the unsuspecting victim is actually accepting terms & conditions stating that the "free gift" is offered as a trial only, and if it is not returned within 30 days regular monthly deliveries of the products will ensue with consequent charging to the victim’s credit card. In addition to luring the victim into this monthly scheme, the amounts charged for the products are extortionate (around $170 each). It is impossible to contact the company via any of the telephone numbers given on the two websites cited in this complaint. In addition, although the website purports to offer the facility for the customer to terminate shipments it is, in reality, impossible to do this ("error messages" on the website). The only way I could stop further billing and shipping of product was to cancel my credit card.

Nina –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am still receiving Retinolla skin products from this company. The company states it is free but I have requested twice not to send any. They seem to ignore my request.

Carolyn –

Total money lost $14

Type of a scam Online Purchase

It was a Cost-Co survey on Facebook, you answer four or five questions and they say you win a chance to try out free samples of there creams to help wrinkles. You only have to pay shipping fees, I thought it was only going to be little packages, which I was going to send to my friend, so I gave the info and they did not have any policy with this add,I have sent my address for other products before not scams. Now they are trying to threaten me to paying for some contract that I agreed to. As soon as I found out this was a scam I quickly cancelled my credit card, but now under there laws in Cyprus, they say I still have to pay them no matter what, can they get away with that?

( Personally, I’d really advise you to consider the great discounted cost I have offered you, for it’s a great value and comes at no additional hassle to you.)

How do I stop them from hassling me further, and trying to ruin my credit scores?

Cindy –

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was on my telecommunications supplier website when I was diverted to a page where I was asked to participate in a survey. In consideration of my time and my input to the survey, I was provided with a list of gift options I could receive. The instructions advised that I would only be required to pay for the shipping costs ($5.99 each item). I checked on what the products were in separate internet searches to get a better idea of the products and their reviews. Having satisfied myself that the products seemed legitimate with a many positive reviews posted – I agreed to pay the shipping charges. The subsequent email correspondence was professional and I received my gifts within 3 days. The packaging and products looked very professional – there was no indication in any of the packaging of the product and email correspondence that I had inadvertently signed up to receive these products for a limited time period where if I did not return the products, I would be charged over $400 for the items. I was also not aware that I would be receiving these products and charged on a continual monthly basis. I noted in my credit card statement that I was only charged the $5.99 shipping costs are originally advised.

It was not until the next month when I was reviewing my credit card statement that I saw I was now charged $400 for these products I thought were provided as gifts. I quickly contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges as fraud where I was told I was charged again the same amount in the current month (I did not receive any additional products from the company to warrant additional charges). I have cancelled my credit card.

I also tried to contact the fraudulent company to cancel my account and stop any additional products to be shipped and charges to be incurred.

I logged online to access the account the company set up for me however there was a Syntex error whenever I tried to cancel my "Autofill" option (the option also advised in RED lettering that this was not advised). There was nothing online that allowed me to cancel and/or delete my account. I then tried to call the company with the numbers I could find. I spoke with a woman (who seemed to be working in a call centre) who advised me that they were a legitimate company whereby I had signed an agreement to the charges and the automatic shipments to be made. I asked that my account be cancelled and removed. I also advised the representative that I have alerted my credit card company that these charges are fraud and I will not be paying them. I called both companies where I mistakenly purchased the products to find the same representative on the line. It seems these companies use a variety of websites, phone #s and email addresses all stressing that they are legitimate, separate companies.

After the conversation with the representative, I received the following email:

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

The reason we sent the recurring shipment is because we have no correspondence on record indicating that you did not wish to be sent further products by us.

We state in our terms and conditions that refill kits might be sent to customers, at different intervals, unless we have expressed confirmation that the respective customer does not wish to receive further product from us.

You can return the last product for a full refund if sealed and unused. You have 30 days from receipt to post it back.

To save you time and hassle, and as a gesture, I can offer to let you keep the kit and serum for only C$109.95 per product and REFUND the rest of the charge to you. Since I had to get clearance for this from my supervisor, so I’d appreciate if you can confirm asap.

If you choose to return the product instead, please send it here:


C/O Precision Total Fulfillment

41 Parr Blvd

Bolton, Ontario

L7E 4E3, Canada

Your name and address must be clearly written on the return label. Please also include your packing slip in the returned parcel.

You will be refunded in full, as long as the product was returned in the same condition you received it, in the original packaging, and within 30 days from receipt.

Personally, I’d really advise you to consider the great discounted cost I have offered you, for it’s a great value and comes at no additional hassle to you.

We will notify you on the status of your refund eligibility after inspecting the product at our warehouse. If your return is approved we will initiate a refund to the credit card provided. You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on your card issuer’s policies.

The cost of returning goods is solely yours to bear. Please note that we cannot pay, issue a shipping label or reimburse you in any way whatsoever for the shipping and handling costs of goods that you wish to return.

*** IMPORTANT *** Be advised that we require credible proof of return in order for us to cancel your account.

Therefore, kindly provide us with the Tracking Number/Barcode indicated on your return postage receipt.

Please type it here via e-mail and not as an attachment.

You will be refunded in full, as long as the product was returned completely unused/unsealed, and within 30 days from receipt.

Please let us know how you wish to proceed… Personally, I’d really advise you to consider the great discounted cost I have offered you, for it’s a great value and comes at no additional hassle to you.

At your explicit request, we have cancelled your auto refill now.

Kind Regards,


Customer Satisfaction Specialist


I will be working with my credit card company to ensure no additional charges are incurred.

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