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Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Several months ago, I wanted to check my 95-year-old mom’s bank statement and went to as I usually do.  Immediately a questionnaire of approximately five questions popped up.  I tried leaving the site and coming back to it, but the same thing happened.  I wasn’t able to get into the site without answering the questionnaire, so I did.  At the end, it asked me to choose from approximately five “gifts” as a thank you for filling out the questionnaire. My mother didn’t need or want any of the gifts offered, but I couldn’t proceed without choosing one. It said she would only pay the shipping cost, so we chose the moisturizing cream/eye cream package.  Her next credit card statement showed the charge of $5.95 & $5.99 for the two products (although the product name was Retinolla and the names on the credit card statement were Rejuvegold and Dermathea).  That statement was paid.

When the next credit card statement arrived, it showed a charge of $189.98 for Rejuvegold and $179.95 for Dermathea.  THESE PRODUCTS WERE NEVER REQUESTED NOR RECEIVED.  When I called the company to inquire about it, I was told that these products were related to the Retinolla “gifts” that were sent to my mom, and that because she had not returned these “gifts”, she had actually bought a subscription to continue receiving these products!!!  I did not see any terms and conditions on the questionnaire I filled out for my mom.

In talking to a lady at the bank who was on the phone to the credit card company, she told me if any goods arrive from Rejuvegold to return them. Some time later a box did arrive. I returned it immediately without opening it. Then they had the nerve to say I couldn’t get a refund because it was returned after the 30-day trial period!! Well, the charge showed up on the credit card in October and the product didn’t arrive until December!

The credit card company put a temporary hold on the charge while they investigated. A couple months later they sent us a letter saying that the company had provided them with the paperwork (which they sent a copy of) and that I had agreed to the terms and conditions. I never saw any terms and conditions on the questionnaire! They also said noted that a tracking number was provided to show we received the product, and that the charges would reappear on the next statement.

Thankfully I took a picture of the parcel that was sent to us and it showed the tracking number. That tracking number does not match the one provided by Rejuvegold to the credit card company!

This whole thing has gone on for months … phone calls with Rejuvegold, emails back & forth and each one answered by a different person with only a first name given … continually mentioning terms & conditions, etc. It’s sickening!! Also, the credit card company has not done much on our behalf, as they’re still charging for products we don’t have!

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