Steven –

Victim Location 30013

Total money lost $3,425

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Was hired by Retailer Innovation LLC for a Walmart Store Shopping Survey evaluation. Mailed letter from survey co-ordinator Joseph Gerber, MBA

The Retailer Innovation LLC company for Mystery Shoppers is a scam and it will clear out all of your account.

They gave me a check of $1,925 to make a purchase of $1,500 and complete a survey. The rest of the funds was supposed to be my commission. They waited for the money to deposit. Took the $1,500 and requested the $1,925 check back and set both my accounts to almost $0.00 due to return of check overdraft protection fees and transfer of funds. I have tried to call bank they said to call merchant because their was nothing they could do on their end bc company stopped check. All want all funds returned

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