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Brandon – Jun 10, 2020

Victim Location 90220

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My boyfriend responded to an online ad about becoming a mystery shopper. Assuming he filled out the necessary information a couple of months ago, the scammers ‘Bart Johnston’ and ‘Paul Johnson’ (odd/ fake names) sent him an envelope with a detailed description of what he was supposed to do. The envelope also included a check of $3,345. I’m always skeptical of these types of things and immediately said the check looked fake. Upon receipt of the package he was to TEXT Paul Johnson ONLY at 801- 407-9390 letting him know he received the information.

He was instructed to deposit the check, keep $345 for himself and take out the remaining $3,000 to get money orders from his local Walmart. It was repeated multiple times that only CASH could be used to purchase 3 separate money orders in sums of $1,000 each and was to be Fed Exed overnight to ‘Paul Johnson’ in Seattle Washington. The instructions said to not let anyone know he was a secret shopper, write a detailed report on his interactions at Walmart, and to ‘ruffle the workers feathers’ to see how they perform under pressure.

Instructions stated if he did not text Paul Johnson in a timely manner saying he received the package then a ‘Task Force’ would arrive at his address to retrieve it.

Erika –

I have just received same package. Did you guys deposit the check?

Donald –

Victim Location 46825

Type of a scam Phishing

I was sent a check for $1950.00 and instructions to take to the bank right away and cash put in my account. Text Supervisor right away then withdraw $400 for my work and another $50 for miscellaneous needs. Then go back and withdraw the remaining $1500 and proceed to the nearest Walmart. A list of quality things to look for and write down on the letter sent to me. Proceed to buy 3 $500 Vanilla Gift cards once purchased, sign the back of the cards and send pictures of the front and back of card along with questionnaire filled out to his email address above.

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