Amanda –

Victim Location 14850

Total money lost $75.55

Type of a scam Tech Support

My husband had a pop-up message telling him to click on a website in order to restore his computer after having difficulty accessing his email. He clicked on a .exe file in order to allow them access into his computer. We had to take his computer in for removal of malicious software afterward. This company is very clever in using a third party to ask for a review of their services, so they have only positive reviews,, which I’ve read gives only good reviews to its customers and so is dishonest.

We cancelled our credit card but the charge was already on there by that point.

We were charged $75.55 for a service that was unnecessary had he just turned his computer off and then on again.

There is no address listed on the website and I’m afraid to click on any links on it for fear of further damage and I entered Illinois above as their state but I have no idea from which state they operate. The charge on our credit card is through a third party, CBI Cleverbridge, which seems to be based in Illinois. Their phone number is 800-799-9570.

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