Restore Wheels

Christian –

Victim Location 58503

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A 1965 Mustang was advertised on Facebook marketplace as being in excellent shape, I contacted the owner of Restore Wheels Mick Tosfstad at 608-386-9449 and his wife Marty at 608-790-7174. Both myself and Travis Jarman, owner of Rebelz Customz repair and body shop phone 701-400-7248 had numerous conversations with Mr. Tofstad. Mr. Tofstad said he bought and sold numerous cars and did mechanical work and body work on a lot of them. We told him we were looking for a donor car to help complete my deceased wife’s first car another 1965 Mustang. He said the car that was advertised was an excellent shape. In fact he said all we would really need to do was sand it down and paint it. He said it had virtually no rust on it. In fact his exact words were you could eat off of it. Mr. Jarman, the autobody man working on my car will can be a witness to all of this. Mr. Tosfstad’s pictures on the Internet look very good. He said it was $5000 and he would like $1000 to hold the car. He’s located in Rockland Wisconsin at 402 Canary Street. We had close to 15 to 20 hours of discussion on the phone with him —he reassured me every time that the mustang he had was in very good shape. After several requests and discussions I forwarded him $1000 to hold the car through PayPal but not as a purchase because it was just a hold until we saw the car. Mr. Jarman left Bismarck North Dakota on January 23, 2020 to drive down to Rockland, Wisconsin to pick up the car. He arrived on January 24. When Mr. Tosfstad took him to the building where the car was —Mr. Tofstad showed us a car that was completely rusted out it was not like the pictures that were on the Internet. He basically scammed us! He talk to us for hours and hours and hours and explained to us that the car was in excellent shape he had my body shop person drive all the way to Wisconsin and then once there he showed him a rusty car and said he would take less money for it. In other words it was a complete scam he got him all the way down to Wisconsin and then reduced the price. We would not take the car and he has not returned my thousand dollars. He scammed me out of $1000 . After numerous contacts and text messages he will not answer and he will not return the thousand dollars. He told Mr. Jarman that he spent $1000 on his teeth. This was a complete scam! It was a switch and bait he showed us a car on the Internet that was in excellent shape but when we got to the place it was a rusty old car. I will attach pictures of the car that was advertised on the Internet—It was the same car but the picture is probably were 10 to 15 years old the car is rusted throughout! Scammed me out of $1000 and will not return the money! The picture below is of the car advertised we did not get the car because this is not what it look like when we got there! A total scam!

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