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Daniel –

Victim Location 51012

Type of a scam Employment

I have recently been scammed by a guy who says his name is *** ***. I had received a text message from him asking for some people to advertise his product on their vehicle. He said that he is the manager from *** ***  *** Company. He is looking for people to put his companys logo decals on their vehicle to advertise. He offers you $400 a week for up to three months. I was sent a check of $3,850.. This check was to cover $400 to Me for first week payment, $50.00 for gas and another $100 to send money order ***. The rest of the check is to pay the Technician to put the decals on my vehicle. I thought this would be an easy way to make some extra cash. I became skeptical when I let these guys know I had the check and they wanted Me to immediately cash it and get a money order. When I told them I wan’t going to make any transactions until the check cleared I did not hear from them anymore that night. I made sure to email my bank since it was no longer open for the day. When I got up this morning I sent a text to these numbers saying that I got the cash for a money order ( I really did not have the cash. I wanted see if I would get a quick response from them). I instantly got a text message to go get a money order right away and send it via Technician. I was to take out $550 for myself. I sent a text telling them that it was going to be an hour before I could get to the post office for a money order. In that hour of making them wait for me to respond, I copied all their text messages onto a form so I can print it out. I also went to my bank to notify them. When I had it all taken care of I sent both numbers a not so nice text.

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