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Below is copy of (1) the offer letter, and (2) FAQ, that I received via e-mail:


Reship USA PARCEL, LLC. herein after called "Company", is pleased to offer you a

position as a Quality Controller. We would like to make the following job offer and

trust it will meet your approval.

Our Company is a confidant of the Amazon Company. As a Quality Controller you are

committed to check the content of the packages, their condition and to answer

whether it matches the description. You will have to report to your Supervisor.

The primary responsibilities for this position include:

? To facilitate the receipt and storage, movement and shipment of supplies, stock

and materials,

? To efficiently manage the timely flow of order processing.

You will earn $40 for every processed package on a monthly schedule. You can

receive about 100 packages. The exact quantity will depend on your speed and

quality of work. Our automatic system will stop sending you any new items if you

have any delays with previous parcels. On the contrary, we try to stimulate and

reward fast-sending employees by topping them in the list of receivers.

Company offers a comprehensive employee benefits program, including health,

dental, and life insurance. You will be eligible for these benefits after you complete

your 1 month probationary period. Other benefits: 401(k) and tuition reimbursement.

Employee contribution to payment for benefit plans is determined annually.

The first 30 days of your work will be your probationary period. It will be fully paid.

During it your performance and suitability for employment will be evaluated. It is

understood that the probationary period is designed to determine your suitability for

continued employment by assessing your skills, performance and interpersonal

relationships. It is also a time for you to access Company as your employer.

Page !1 of !2

You will be able to sign an Employment Agreement after successful completion of your

trial period.

You agree to abide all current and future policies, rules and procedures established by

our Company. Please feel free to ask for clarification of anything you are not sure in.

This offer will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the United

States of America. This document constitutes the whole and entire agreement

between you and our Company. If you accept this offer of employment, please sign

your name and date in the space indicated below and return it to the Company. This

offer is in effect for five business days.



Signature Printed Name


By: Randall Hayes, HR MANAGER

Signature Printed Name



Q: Can I apply for this job, if I’m already engaged in Full-Time work?

A: Yes, you can apply for this job. You will use only your address to receive

packages. And then you will send them in your free time.

Q: There is not a contract, membership or money that I have to pay to do

this, right?

A: Right. It’s completely FREE for you.

Q: Are taxes taken out of pay?

A: No. There are 2 reasons:

1. Our company is a legal entity registered in the country which the US signed a

double taxation agreement with (it states that if a company pays taxes in one

country, it should not pay them in another). It became possible because a part of our

business is the forwarding of goods from America to other countries by air and sea.

We use the logistics of According to the contract with them, we are

actually not the employer, but their client;

2. Taxes are paid by our partners we are working with as per contracts (such as


Q: Are there any computer software requirements?

A: MS Office, Acrobat Reader

Q: How long does it take to do a package?

A: About 1-2 hours daily.

Q: How will I get information about the time of delivery of packages?

A: We will send you information about packages, tracking numbers and detailed


Q: What should I do if the package is not addressed to me?

A: Most often stores send packages addressed to our customers (with their name

on the label). You have to regulate your time in order to personally receive the


Q: How do I take the packages if I am not at home?

A: Alternatively, you can sign or authorize a release form, whereby the carrier will

leave the parcel on the doorstep, porch or elsewhere. In this way please sign it on

behalf of customer.

Q: What should I do after receiving the package?

A: You will receive a prepaid label and instructions how to send this package.

Q: Who pays for shipping?

A: Our Company pays for postage by providing pre-paid shipping label that you will

need to print.

Q: Do I need to pay for shipping labels?

A: Definitely not! Stay away from companies who ask you to do this. At the end

you won’t be paid at all.

Q: How do I ship item?

A: You need to remove all old labels from package. Then print new outgoing labels

and place them on the box with clear tape. Then take the package to your local USPS,

UPS or FedEx office (certain PO will be noticed on new label).

Q: Can I use any other shipping methods besides the USPS?

A: We offer FREE shipping through our partnership with the USPS, UPS and FedEx.

Q: How many packages will I receive per month?

A: You can receive about 100 packages. The exact quantity will depend on your

speed and quality of work. Our automatic system will stop sending you any new items

if you have any delays with previous parcels. On the contrary, we try to stimulate and

reward fast-sending employees by topping them in the list of receivers.

Q: How will I be paid?

A: You can receive a payment via PayPal/Bank Transfer (Western Union)/Direct


Q: When would I get paid and how often?

A: Monthly.

Q: The pay is for SENT package is that packages sent to me or what I send

to customers?

A: The package will be paid when the package is SENT from you to our partners

Amazon Company.

Q: Why can’t I use PO boxes?

A: Sometimes the dimensions of packages can’t fit your PO box.

Also there is one more important thing. The seller who is trying to verify himself on

the Amazon website usually invests money in developing his business. And if he buys

the goods and sends them to you, he can put his name on packages. If you use a PO

box, the post office will refuse you in receiving the package. That is why we don’t use

PO boxes.

Q: Does the job begin following the 2 day process of registering?

A: Yes. But you’ll wait about 3-4 days for your first package.

Q: Why do I need to send you my ID?

A: We need to be sure that you are older than 21. Also our Security service will

check your background and criminal report. After the checking we will decide to make

a job offer for you.

Q: Is your company checked by bureau?

A: We are intermediary of the huge company Amazon. We are not an independent

company (this allows us to decrease the tax rate). But you can find Amazon Company

on the website.

Q: There are so many scammers. How can you prove that your company is


A: Our company had faced the fraudulent activity in reshipping industry. That is

why we decided to work with proven companies. Besides we don’t send you

international packages as scam companies do. Also we don’t ask you to pay any

money. So if you work for us, you don’t take any risks.

Q: Does your Company have a Headquarters?

A: Of course! The address is indicated on the website. There is also the legal

address where you can come with your offers of cooperation or other important and

urgent issues. If there is a need to communicate with someone from the

management, you can make an appointment through your HR Manager. You need to

do this in advance telling your Supervisor the subject of the meeting/desired dates,

and you will be offered the options of days and time for you to come.

Q: Where can I find the comments about this Company?

A: We haven’t created the page for the comments since we are the intermediary of

Amazon. Our work direction is unique. If many competitors appear, our income will


Q: How soon could I start?

A: After you’ll sign the agreement.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Grant –

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Type of a scam Employment

Contacted me offering me a job receiving and inspecting packages. Asked my husband to look at it to make sure it was legit. If it’s too good to be true…it probably is!

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