Research Rewards/ Smart Shopper

Wayne –

Victim Location 94928

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

phone call offering Walmart gift card no purchase required for answering survey questions.$4.95 shipping. After answering questions in the survey I was again told I would be receiving the gift card. I gave them bank info again making it clear this was for $4/95 saying it clearly four dollars and ninety five cents. verified the information then was told I would get a confirmation number. Before I was given that number they began providing several "free" memberships that I was also being rewarded that would be charged to my card and when asked to confirm my "free" rewards I needed to verify by saying OK when prompted. Each one I said NO and after 3 or 4 someone came on the line telling me that the 395 was part of the 495 I had already authorized so I needed to say OK because I had already DONATED the 495 to his company and I needed to stop playing games and say OK when asked to verify the money to be taken out. Again I was asked and I responded with I verify four dollars and ninety five cents total only to be taken.. Again he came back and became hostile. It sounded as though he was recording some parts and not others. Telling me I was wrong and needed to do what i was told. Refused to give ne a name or allow me to speak to someone else. I refused to agree to anything more and told him after some time that I did not want to do any business with him. He said "OK> Whats your name? I told him He kept making believe that he couldn;t hear asking over and over What’s your name? Then I would get frusterated and say something like you know you hear me. What;s your problem? You are very unprofessional." And he responded with You are not listening to me and doing what I say. I don;t hear you." Shock and dismayed I asked for a supervisor or anyone else and he refused over and over still refusing his name. Then he came on pretending to be someone calm saying his name was Kevin Santos. When I asked a question again I got the jerk who finally said his name was Steve Parker. I tried one last time to explain my view and now he began saying "What?" What?" You need to speak clearly like he could not hear. Then it was You need to speak English- I don;t understand whatever language you are talking.(English is my only language and I speak clearly) Shocked I asked "What is your problem/??" And was told it was "Tit for Tat". I would not do what I was told so I was playing games and he was too.. I did not get a confirmation number. I called the bank to report the fraud. The company I was contacted by was Research Rewards in Vallejo, CA 707-652-3659 but the company that took the information said they were *** Shoppers 866-901-5907. I received a post card in the mail yesterday from what I believe to be one of the companies promoted in the survey The *** Center- For a medicare covered back and knee support system. no address 855-611-7077 I blocked the transaction and am not sure who they will share any info with. I knew better, this confirmed that.

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