Research Master’s Inc

Gregory –

Victim Location 01605

Type of a scam Employment

I received a letter about a Secret Shopper job. They sent me a check, wanted me to deposit it and then buy Itunes cards. After the purchase, I was to scratch off the Itunes and then email the numbers to the business.

Wesley –

Victim Location 37604

Type of a scam Employment

Persons looking for secret shoppers and sends you a United States Postal Service check to take to your bank to and deposit the check and go shopping for $800.00 worth of gift cards. He was texting me constantly wanting to know when I was going to be to the bank to deposit the check. Clearly when something seems too good to be true it really is. BE EXTREMELY CLEARFUL!!!!

Gabriel –

Victim Location 53005

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was sent an email from [email protected] It was for a mystery shopper. I signed up just to see what it was about. A week later, I was sent a $995 money order to deposit and start my assignment. I only had $200 available right away so they had me start the assignment. I purchased $200 of gift cards and sent the numbers… stupid I know! I had my guard down due to a very sick family member otherwise I would have done research. After the next morning, he had a new assignment. It seemed fishy so I looked into the company. Found out it was a scam and called the person out on it. He denied and then told me I was running away with company funds and he was going to report me to the FBI. I told him I’ll wait for them for show up at my door with all the info i have and turn him in. I went right to the police station and filled out a report. The money order was fraudulent and was returned a few days later. I am now out $200. He also told me AFTER I found out it was a scam and he threatened going to the FBI, he wanted me to go complete the assignment and I get to keep the gift cards. Well when I filled out the police report, they had me go to return the gift cards and found that the $200 was already spent. So he wanted me to continue and I refused knowing I would be out an additional $600 (they wanted me to purchase another $300 of gift cards and to money gram $300 to another person in FL). I was to keep $195 for commission and logistics fee. The address is unable to be located, and there is a ton of scam warnings out for this company. I cannot find the website but when I did, it was suspended because it violated it’s terms. The money order was sent 2 day shipping from a surgical center in Sanford, FL but the money order was sent from Michigan.

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