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Victim Location 37215

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by this person on, and there is an actually legitimate company by this name, and the person that contacted me (Shelly Guong) even has a legitimate linked in profile with the company as a recruiter. There was nothing online when I searched for a known scam of any sort but the tactics were way too sketchy not too assume anything but nefarious. She asked me to add her to google hangouts for my interview, with the email address [email protected] She conducted a quick round of questions, but it seemed way too easy once she said I had been hired. The major red flag occurred when during the questions of the interview I was asked how I preferred to receive my compensation, direct deposit or check and I indicated direct deposit. As we got into the details of what happened next, she said I would be provided a laptop, and that I should go ahead and purchase using the electronic check being emailed to me which I now have in my inbox, with the email addy of [email protected] Wow. She said that I would be able to access the funds in 24 hours after I deposited this check in the only way it could be deposited via mobile app. I said, you can email me a check, I’ll contact the bank to verify this is legitimate, and if they say yes, I’ll deposit via the mobile app. She started getting more aggressive then, and I knew it was bogus because she kept saying it can only be done electronically and did I prefer another type of payment. I told her I would let her know if the bank needed something alternatively, but that as I said, I would only deposit if my bank confirmed it was a legitimate deposit before using the mobile deposit. Total scammer. The only trend I’d say I’m finding about copycat company scams is they appear to want to interview via hangouts only.

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