Republican National Committee Reviews - Republican National Committee Scam or Legit

Roberto –

Victim Location 85262

Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email which purported to be forwarded from Reince Priebus on his iPhone, where he named me as someone he expected but didn’t have in his contact list "I don’t seem to have David’s email address in my contacts". He then purported to ask Katie Walsh, the RNC Chief of Staff, to forward his personal email message to me.

I believe that Reince Priebus does not actually know me or my name. I believe that this is extremely false advertising because the whole point of the fraudulent email messages is to convince me to send the RNC money. To suggest that Reince Priebus knows me, wants to contact me personally from his iPhone, wrote a personal email message about me on his iPhone and sent it to Katie Walsh, and Katie Walsh then composed a personal letter to me and sent it to me with Priebus’s email message attached – is completely false.

Futhermore, Katie Walsh’s message *actually states* that Reince Priebus just emailed her with the personal message about me. Again, I do not think this actually happened, because the Chairman of the RNC does not know me by name and has no reason to be writing an email about me on his iPhone.

The entire premise of this email message is almost certainly false and misleading in an attempt to guilt me fraudulently into sending the RNC money.

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