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Deborah – Jun 11, 2020

Victim Location 67026

Type of a scam Phishing

I was selling a vehicle on Craigslist. See below:

First message:Scammer

I’m ready to come and see it in person, but before this I need to know few details. Can you tell me if you have any problems with it? Like bad suspension, oil leaking or something like that?

Thank you!

Second message: Me

Everything’s works great on it. No leaks, no funny noises. Did have a bad cam shaft sensor replaced about 8 months ago. It was covered under a recall and done at ***** GMC service center.


Third message: Scammer

You have kept your vehicle in a good condition! Before coming to you to test the vehicle and close the deal with you in person and need the vehicle history report from get the personal loan. My lender in requiring this, otherwise I can`t get the money for your vehicle. I will not get it by myself because if it`s bad then I just wasted my money, but you can still use it however it turns out to be. I hope you consider this and get it. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you!

Forth message: Me

I have a carfax report for it that shows everything checks out ok. It’s a pretty reputable site that goes into more detail than the other “vehicle check” site’s. Banks/lenders usually don’t have a problem accepting them. I can print a copy out for you if your interested in test driving it.


Fifth message: Scammer

Sorry! I believe you misunderstood.. I can’t use a report from a different company. My lender requires a report from the website mentioned in my previous email.

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