Carlos –

Victim Location 21224

Total money lost $149.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was on the internet and my computer froze. New computer. It froze with a revolving message that said comcast customer your computer has been compromised please call 8559725102 & you will be directed fix the problem. (The last part of the message I don’t remember. So I call the guy Dave answers the call and tells me in order to fix the peoblem he has to find the problem which means I give permission for him to entire my computer. He does a diagnosis (of which I can see &it does seem legit) I was guided as to pay through paypal invoice with my cc 149.99. They apparently fixed my computer. Last night when I got home I ran a Microsoft malware scan and it said all is well. I have an invoice etc. But I just have this feeling ive been scammed. I don’t keep anything personal on my computer. But i feel compromised. I couldn’t even turn the cumputer off but they could. The companys name is repairallpc but some of the paperwork says techsupport&co. When I looked up the numbers their was a company out of Florida sans. I’m very confused as to how this happened and feel as tho now that they have gone in to my computer they could do it again.

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