RenuX Forskolin

Sergio –

Victim Location 98823

Type of a scam Online Purchase

RenuX Forskolin was a "Sponsored" pngage on the Yahoo main pngage. Once you click on it, you read about the weigh-loss product and are offered a one month supply for $4.95. The site had apparent endorsements from various reputable sources listed and said they were covered on Newsweek, etc. A purchase for $4.95 was made, and nothing indicated any subscription was being purchased or that any additional charges would be made on my card. I received 2 emails in the coming days…a confirmation email and a shipping email. The product arrived in the mail without any invoice. A couple weeks later my credit card was being denied, so I called my card company. They said a suspicious transaction happened for $89.95 which was being charged by a company called "Fit Being Beautifying" with a phone number of 877-618-0585. I put a hold on my card and called this scammer company. They would not tell me their company name and said they distribute many products. I informed them they were charging my card and I needed to know why. I gave them my last name and city but refused to give my address or other info and they refused to help me further, They would not let me speak to a manager either. I called back my credit card company and explained the situation. They informed me about the same company trying to charge me $4.95 a couple weeks ago, which is how I realized it was the RenuX Forskolin scammer. They never said they would charge me more than $4.95, never indicated I was being signed up for anything, and never indicated a $89.95 charge would happen 2 weeks late. It’s a scam and they are being blocked from charging on my card. Now I have to change my card number and worry about them having some of my personal info for the next 30 years.

The supplements were mailed to me from: RenuXForskolin, 12534 Valley View St #300, Garden Grove, CA 92845.

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