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Sabrina – May 02, 2020

There is one thing I noticed about your reviews you actually visiting the wrong website though the actual website is . And not unique…
Probably you didn’t see you were navigating to a wrong website.
But this same company helped me find a place last year .

Sabrina –

Victim Location 94114

Type of a scam Rental

My partner found a listing for an available apartment in San Francisco on Craigslist. When he reached out to the available email, the person responded with this:

Hi —

My unit is still available kindly contact rentals unique agency or apply through them as i have handed managing of the unit to them because i wouldn’t have time to do all that by myself.

When you apply if everything is fine within your application then you will certainly get the place .

If you feel the need to also continue with me directly due to poor credit score kindly let me know and provide me with references of your previous landlords,and i would also want to know how long you stayed at your current address and reason of moving out from it.

I am the owner of the place and i would like someone who will take good care of my property.

Also send me your contact number.

Thank you

The website is

Good luck and let me know how it goes.



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We both visited the website and noticed a few odd things such as: grammatical errors; the phone number and fax number are the same number (when we called, we both got an automated message); the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter icons are not linked to anything; two blurbs under the "About" section read "Click this text to start editing. This block allows you to add as many rows as you’d like, making it perfect for displaying a timeline, or narrating a business process. Click the green + sign on each row to add one below it. Double click the images to change them."; the LiveChat option does not have anyone respond to you and uses a stock photo as the "agent’s" picture; the "Head Office" address listed is a post office in Kansas.

The most concerning thing is that the only certain option someone has is to pay $50 for an application fee (also emphasized in the email above).

Candace –

Victim Location 94123

Type of a scam Rental

They have been posting fake listing on craiglist – when you reach out to the poster the the "owner" says they are no longer managing the property but reach out to; they then try to get you to rent the place without looking at it.

I also called the phone number and when I said I was available to meet in their office (in Maine) and asked when would be a good time – they immediately hung up.

I have found 2 places on craigslist and get the same auto response from the "owner" w/ different names below is the most recent

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