Rental Scam

Linda –

Victim Location 30213

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Rental

I recently was a victim of theft by Deception by a lady named Pearl’s Charles who preys on low-income families I had just recently looked at a property that she had posted on the *** website and *** ***¬†website as well she told me that she had been receiving alot of emails in regards to the property I paid a $50 application fee plus $400 for her to take it of the market which is what she told me plus another $400 to move in by the 16th she told me that she had talked to housing Authority and that they had did inspection and that she had turned in all paperwork come to find out they were all lies she never did anything she said when I tried calling her and texting and asking to be refunded my money she hung up in my face along with me sending her emails please stop her so she can’t do this again because of her scam me and my young children still have no place to stay she was paid through an app called Cash app she Deserves to be put in Jail.

Natalie –

Victim Location 13903

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Rental

I am the owner of the home. We listed for sale with our local realtor. The same day our listing was published, the rental scam post appeared on Craigslist. I keep finding it and flagging it but it keeps popping back up. Our current tenants have reported no less than 25 people showing up to the house demaning to know why they are in the house they just paid to rent.

Stefanie –

Victim Location 97015

Total money lost $3,300

Type of a scam Rental

When looking on craigslist my girlfriend and i found a home that we wanted to rent. contacted the person

through the post ( Douglas Marlin Rife), then we spoke about the home and the conditions for moving in and then sent me applications to fill out and on the applications they didn’t ask for social security number, or anything to run credit check. ( this is when i should have been suspicious) they then sent us an email telling us that we were approved so they sent their bank of america account number and asked us to transfer the money 3300.00

(1st months rent, security deposit, and pro rate amount for January and so we did they said that they would mail the keys because they lived out of state.

4 days later they

they asked for 1695 more dollars for a last months rent. at that point i went to the home and was able to get the number of the actual owner pf the home Linda. and at that point thats when i realized that it was a scam and went to file report.

Antonio –

Victim Location 83709

Type of a scam Rental

I recently moved from PR to idaho and was trying to find a home for rent to bring the family for them to be a little more comfortable and have the basics, the guy wanted to rent me a house that belongs to a company, when I called the company they said they own the houses for rent, also the houses i saw and people are trying to scam are the only properties in the company. I ask how I got the key of the house if it belongs to the company, the owner of the company said everybody can enter their houses at anytime and have it.

Misty –

Victim Location 83704

Type of a scam Rental

Trying to look for a house to bring the family from PR to be a little more comfortable and the guy wanted me to take care of the house cus he was moving back to Georgia, wanted to give me a key from the box.

Sarah –

Victim Location 99207

Total money lost $408

Type of a scam Rental

saw a property for rent all names matched up and so did all copy and paste details. oddly so did stories from neighbors about the house. we sent the guy money who claimed to be owner Spencer Filzer and he said he would send us the keys and the rental agreement asked over and over about being a possible scam kept saying no. we sent him $400. that was day 1. day 2 we waited for a package to arrive from containing the content he promised nothing showed. very persistent still about the money.

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