Rental Scam SE Portland

Michelle –

Victim Location 97201

Type of a scam Rental

Offers to rent house from this now closed craigslist ad for a 4br house in se portland:

Sent email to the above yahoo address

Found it strange they wanted a credit report. Here is the e-mail they send from the other email address listed, under the name Jason Henderson, with my name omitted from the email:

Thank you for your interest in the property listed for rent. You were the second to e-mail from the ad. The first prospective tenant no longer had to move because of his work situation. So we give the opportunity to you. We just finished all new renovations and are currently ready to rent with flexible terms. We will work together with you on move in date, lease length and security deposit.

I know that you need the precise address of the property but my wife does not want me divulge due to safety reasons. We have had a string of break-ins, squatters and thefts at our other properties. We would like to prevent that with this property due to the renovations that have cost a great deal of money. You are going to be the first to move in with the renovations. That is why we want to confirm you have your latest report before we arrange a walk through.

All utilities are priced into the lease along with garage parking spaces. The appliances in the kitchen as well as laundry room were just installed. You have the option to choose your paint color and flooring before your arrival

If you want us to schedule you for a tour, then please visit the link below and get your report. We recommend this site because all of our tenants used it and haven’t had any problems. Just fill out the form and indicate that you want the report. We aren’t interested in specifics of your report, it’s more of a formality to ensure you have rental history. You can get your report by CLICKING HERE

Keep in mind that you only have to bring your report to the tour. Let me know when you have an updated version of your report. Then I’ll schedule you for a showing.

Thank you,


This is the link that was placed under "CLICKING HERE":

I found an article online that described essentially what I received, claiming it was a scam. Hence why I reported it.

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